Spring Decorating with Antiques

decorating with antiques

I started to do some spring decorating and while I know I’m late to the party I’m glad that I at least got started.  So far I’ve done a dresser in my living room that I consider my mantel {I don’t have a mantel so this is as close I can get for now} and I decorated one corner in my living room.  I started with an antique soda pop crate {I have books stored in it to hold it {Read More}

Vintage Stamp Holder

Vintage Cast Iron Stamp Holder c

Cast Iron Stamp Holder I haven’t been to the Thrift Store in ages and had a whole 10 minutes to waste yesterday while waiting to pick one of the kids up…..I went into the store….did a quick ‘glance about’ and spied this awesome piece.  I was sure it would be overpriced {am I the only one who has noticed that recently the prices at the Thrift Store are way too high??!??}…anyway, it was only $2.99. When I got to the {Read More}

Antique Store ~ Vintage Finds

Antique Vase

I was at the antique store the other day…one of my favorite ones…. when I came across the treasures above and below.  The picture doesn’t do the vase justice… the colors are mellow yet deep and vibrant and the bottom of the vase has these markings…not sure what they represent but hope to some day figure out this beauty’s history. I want to start adding to my collection of vintage kitchen items and this egg beater is a great start! {Read More}

Vintage Vignette for $21.00


I love vintage and I love to save money- the vignette above meets all of my requirements.  The big splurge in this display is the botanical print which cost me all of $12.00.  It has some water damage on the one side but is in the original frame and I just could not pass it up.  The silver bowl is from a thrift store and cost .99 cents, the bowl from a yard sale $1.00, the note holder from a {Read More}

Postcards-Inexpensive Vintage Decorating


I love vintage and in the case of photos and postcards I have a soft spot.  When I see the old postcards with the scratchings on the back-some of love, some of friendship and some of just good old communication I imagine who wrote it-who the recipient was and the depth of their relationship, etc.  Postcards are a very inexpensive way to decorate.  I have been to a few antique stores lately and have picked up the cards shown for {Read More}

Chic & Simple Lampshade Update

I love romance and all things romantic-vintage pins, linens, lace, crystal fobs…well, you get the idea!  I have a simple-less than 1 minute-and absolutely free lampshade update.  I pulled out my doilies and found one that was long but not very wide and a blue crystal pin from my jewelry box.  I wrapped the doily around the lampshade and secured it with the pin….and…that was it.  All done. Chic, Simple…and FREE…romantic update for lampshades. {I like this lamp surrounded by {Read More}

A Gardenful of Handkerchiefs

A few days ago I went to a local antique store. This particular store always has the best vignettes and displays and is a wonderful place to get ideas for decorating at home.  One of the prettiest little scenes I came across was a table with an antique vase with a handkerchief  “stuffed” in it.  It gave me the inspiration for a “Gardenful of Hankies!”.  I starched some of my favorites, gathered my vases and “stuffed” the hankies inside…simple and {Read More}

Dining Room Updates-Inexpensive Options


Spring is in the air!  I actually have my windows open today {only a crack} but the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the breeze is definitely warmer than it has been.  As spring draws near all of my super cleaning powers kick in and I usually go on a cleaning/scrubbing frenzy.  When I am done with this I ultimately think my surroundings look drab and need some updating.  Since I am trying to save money, as are {Read More}

No Sew Window Valances

Handkerchief Valance

I like to change the look of rooms without much fuss or money.  While looking for some inspiration for the windows in my craft room, I came across some wonderful ideas. Handkerchief Valance Handkerchiefs-I ultimately decided to go with handkerchiefs for my craft room windows.  I strung a sheer ribbon {one that would not show through the hankies} from one end to the other with a “stop” in the center of the windows, attaching to cup hooks. I have the cup hooks {Read More}

Decorate Using What You Already Have-Vintage Linens

Hatbox-Vintage Linens

This is the first in a series of articles that I will be doing every Wednesday for the next few weeks, and hopefully longer, relating to decorating using what you already have on hand.  No need to buy….just be creative with what you have. After putting away all of the Christmas decorations my house felt a little dull.  No oomph.  I missed the lights, the sparkle and the glamor of holiday decorating.  I hated to put everything back to exactly {Read More}

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