Thrift Store Finds

Milk Glass Pedastal Bowl 2

The last few visits to my local Thrift Store have been so disappointing but last Saturday I had a few extra minutes so I took a chance and I didn’t quite hit the jackpot but I did pick up a few good items.  I love milk glass but didn’t even own one piece until this one….isn’t it lovely?  It is a milk glass pedestal bowl and it was only $3.99!!! I can use it for everyday display or fruits or holiday displays…I love the … [Read more...]

My New/Old Bread Machine!

Bread Machine

I love the taste of homemade bread and the smell of freshly baked bread ~ to me it conjures up memories of being at grandma's {I had one grandma who baked... but she lived in Florida so I pretend I visited her and smelled the bread baking ~ work with me here... please?!?}.... in any event, I type for a living {stop your yawning} and my wrists aren't quite as strong as they used to be so kneading bread is sort of a no no … [Read more...]