Valentine’s Day Printables ~ The Language of Love

I Love You Free Printable

Have some Fun with these Free Valentine’s Day Printables!  Love is love no matter what the language.  Make some memories with your Valentine by saying {or at least trying to say} I love you in a few different languages. These printables are 8 x 10’s but you can resize them easily.  Print them out to hang on the wall or make a small one and

Rise and Shine Free Wallpaper for Computer, iPhone, iPad AND Printable

Rise and Shine 5 x 7 Printable from Cupcakes and

Rise and Shine! I absolutely love that phrase.  It means more than just to get up and make the most of your day…it means to RISE to the occasion or situation whatever it may be and SHINE ~ and it’s a perfect reminder to make every day and every part of your day special. The above is available in multiple sizes and resolutions all listed below.