Let’s Party DIY Style With Martha Stewart Glass Paints

Martha Stewart Glass Paint Serving Glass and Drink Jars

Did you know that you can create your own customized glass or ceramic items quickly and easily?  Well, you can using Plaid’s new Martha Stewart Glass Paint. I save glass that I find interesting for future use and/or projects.  For this project I used some iced coffee bottles, a purchased drink pitcher, vase, candle holder and plate. I used the following Plaid Martha Stewart Glass Paint products: Paints:

Martha Stewart Glass Paints by Plaid ~ Preview

Martha Stewart Glass Paint Collage

I ♥love♥ Martha Stewart…..Plaid products and shopping at Michaels….combine those three and you have me giddy and jumping for joy!!!!  A few weeks ago I was informed that I would be receiving some Martha Stewart Craft Glass Paints from Plaid  and a few days ago the box arrived.  I am so excited that I want to share the contents with you.  I’ll be creating something