Door Decor

Armoire Doors

Years ago I bought a book that I just loved.  Decorate Your Door by Edie Stockstill.  About once a year I go through my bookshelves and rediscover forgotten treasures.  A few weeks ago, I did just that and this was one of the books I "found". This book helped me to think of my doors in new ways not just the front door through which your guests enter but also interior doors, closet doors and cupboard doors.  All doors … [Read more...]

Pink, Lace, Glitter and a Candle

Candle Holder Lit

    I love pink.  I love lace.  I love glitter....and well, candles...I love those, too.  I guess it is obvious by now that it does not take much to make me happy.  The "take with you" craft for today is a candle holder.  I am thinking ahead to Christmas gift giving.  This is definitely something you could produce multiples of inexpensively and make each a little … [Read more...]