Safe Trick or Treating for Children with Food Allergies


Safe Trick or Treating for Children with Food Allergies//The Teal Pumpkin Project Trick or Treating for children with food allergies  can be tough to say the least.  All three of my sons have food allergies and making sure that they don’t eat one of their trigger foods is vitally important.  My oldest son no longer trick or treats but when he did I had to

Deviled Egg Eyeballs and Dracula Juice ~ Halloween Party Fun

Halloween Party ~ Dracula Juice and Deviled Egg Eyeballs from

Deviled Egg Eyeballs and Dracula Juice Spooky scars me but cute doesn’t so with that in mind I wanted to share with you two of my favorite Halloween Party treats!  I like to make things fun not just for the kids but for me (I’m a sappy weenie ~ what can I say?).   First up…… Deviled Egg Eyeballs ~ these scary blood shot eyes

Halloween Party ~ Simple Ideas that Rock #TrickUrTreat

#TrickUrTreat #shop Butterfinger Browniers

I am like a kid that’s never grown up ~ I really enjoy Halloween and everything that’s not too spooky and definitely NOT evil but fun, fun, fun!  My family {thankfully} shares my appetite for making life fun. There’s no need to stress over having family party fun and with these super simple recipes you can make the party as big or little as you

Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost Necklace ~ Quick and Easy Kids Craft

Ghost Necklace Ichabod Crane Style

I love almost anything glow-in-the-dark {think cute…NOT spooky}.  I’m so glad to still have one little guy who shares my love of cool kidsy crafts.   These little necklaces are extremely EASY to make and if you let them charge {hang around a light source} they’ll glow for hours. When little guy {and me…yes..these look great with jeans and a T} aren’t wearing ours I

Jack O Lantern Cookies

Jack O

These cookies are so cute…and so easy to make. 1.  Take two chocolate chip cookies, homemade or store-bought from your favorite bakery or the bakery department of a grocery store. 2.  Make some decorator frosting.  My favorite frosting to use for this is my mom’s buttercream frosting.   Put aside a small amount of the frosting {approximately 1/4 cup}. Tint the larger portion of the frosting

Halloween Cookies, Candles & Pumpkins

I love the Pillsbury Ready To Bake sugar cookies.  Even when I don’t have time to bake from scratch I can still bake something cute & tasty for the kids.  I made these this morning and….gasp….let the kids have a few for breakfast {then a nutritious breakfast afterwards-but cookies for breakfast was fun!}. I also placed some candy sticks into a few before baking –

Happy Halloween

Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting, Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble. – – -William Shakespeare (a quote from “Macbeth”) Happy Halloween! hugs, mb

Halloween Lantern

Completed Lantern

Today’s quick and inexpensive {cheap} Halloween craft is a paper lantern.  I started with a paper lantern from the Dollar Store (One whole dollar–I just love the Dollar Store), crepe paper, Halloween clip art printed out on card stock and a glue gun.  I opened the lantern up fully and glued some orange crepe paper to the top, gathering as I went along.  Next, I cut four lengths of black

Pumpkin Bread ~ In a Can!

Pumpkin Bread in a Can

I wanted to bake some pumpkin bread today but also wanted to make some to give away.  In an effort to continue my love affair with cans…yes, cans…. I used some that were left from the green beans we had for dinner the other night.  I removed the labels, washed the cans well, rinsed them out and dried them.  When I was preparing my loaf pan for

Halloween M & M Test Tube Favors

Halloween M & M Favors Complete

  Super Simple and Quick- I purchased the test tube favors {8 in a package} at Michael’s { Martha Stewart Crafts with the 40% coupon} and Halloween M&Ms and that is all that was needed for this basic favor.  I had some strips of card stock left from the cards I made a few weeks ago {Debbie Mum} and cut those to a smaller size adding them with