Fresh Flowers ~ A Breath of Spring

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It's been so cold and snowy here and I am dreaming of spring and summer.  I miss the flowers in my garden and the green lushness of the grass and trees. A few week's ago I purchased some roses at Aldi's, only $3.99, to cheer me up and just the other day I bought a bouquet of pastel poms for $5.88 at Sam's Club.  The roses are long gone but while they were here I had fun taking pictures and I'm enjoying … [Read more...]

Flowers in Winter just need a little pick me up....snow, snow, snow.....oh my!  I think it looks lovely but I'm cold, a little tired of not seeing any green and well, I love flowers.  The other day I was grocery shopping at Aldi {if you have never shopped there and want to save money...give it a try}...and...up by the register they always have lovely bouquets of flowers that are super cheap! I bought this colorful bunch for … [Read more...]