Spring Decorating with Antiques

decorating with antiques

I started to do some spring decorating and while I know I’m late to the party I’m glad that I at least got started.  So far I’ve done a dresser in my living room that I consider my mantel {I don’t have a mantel so this is as close I can get for now} and I decorated one corner in my living room.  I started

Garden Tour August 2013 ~ The Frontlines

Front Yard August 20133

It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-August.  Where has the summer gone?  I haven’t shown you my flowers in a bit {my last update was in May} and wanted to give you a peek at what’s blooming right now. A lot has changed in the front of the house.  My oldest son tore apart the porch and I redid it {hopefully, I’ll have those pictures

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Flowers 2012IMG_0569

  We have had one of the earliest springs I can remember….the trees are in full bloom and so are spring flowers…it was so nice to have some fresh cut blooms from our yard in the house….I’m loving this warm weather gift and I hope you are as well! hugs, mb     

What’s Blooming in My Garden?

Bee Balm

This year, sad to say, I planted almost nothing {just two planters of annuals} *sigh*… I love, love, love to garden but this year was the first year ever that I didn’t have the time to garden at all… nevertheless I thankfully have a lot of flowers that came up from the seeds I have planted in years past and some faithful perennials… this is

What Kind of Flowers are These?


Just a quick post for today.  I was out grocery shopping yesterday and bought a bouquet of flowers.  They are so pretty…but….I have no idea what type of flowers these pretty pink ones are?  The pictures don’t really do them justice.  The petals are almost “curly” looking.  It may be a type of mum but I am just not sure.  I appreciate any feedback.  I

Flowers, Seeds and Growing Things!


I love flowers and growing things.  Over the years I have had some beautiful gardens and some not so beautiful gardens.  I have had house plants that thrived and I have had house plants that died.  I have spent hours in greenhouses and lawn and garden centers oohing, aaahing, envisioning and dreaming.  One of my favorite books when I was a young girl was The

Flowers in January~What a Great Deal!

.99 Cent Bouquets

Today is snowy, cold and dreary…but I have flowers!  I had to go to the grocery store this morning…the roads were horrible, it kept snowing, and I just wanted to get it over with.  I ran into the store…..threw what I absolutely needed into the cart and headed to the checkout…..while my son was unloading the cart I saw a sign….{I think I may have

Flowers and Food!

Mini Pumpkin Pie

Today’s post is about two of my favorite things…..flowers and food!  I love when spring is in the air and the flowers start to peek through the ground and then pop into bloom.  I watch the parade of color all summer long into fall.  I took some pictures of some of the last flowers I have blooming….so pretty. With fall comes my desire (need) to bake….the

Autumn Urn

All done!

Happy Friday everyone! I have a quick craft for today. Materials needed: Urn (vase, mason jar, actually any container that you want to use), twigs or branches approximately twice the height of your container, spray paint (any color of your choice) and any flower picks/leaf picks of your choice. Step One: Cut your twigs or sticks to size Step Two: Spray paint the above-allow to