Moss Easter Egg with Baker’s Twine Cross

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I’ve been seeing so many moss crafts this year and I love them.  They are so darn earthy {moss is earthy so that makes sense}.  A few weeks ago I shared my Moss and Succulent Peat Pot and today I wanted to share something for those last minute Easter Decorators {I’m raising my hand right now….I hope I’m not the only one who waits until

Easter Crafts ~ Fun with Marshmallow Bunnies {and Peeps}

Peeps Bunny Bunting

Bunny Bunting ~ Dana Made It Bunny on a Doorknob! ~ Dana Made It Marshmallow Bunnies & Peeps ~ Not only are they absolutely adorable but they are definitely inspiration for some fun Easter decorating {and some giggles}!  Enjoy the links above and below. Easter Peep Centerpiece ~ The Autocrat Peep Wreath ~ Tried & True Bunnies on a Straw {how cute would this be