Craft Shopping Made Easy and Affordable with Consumer Crafts

Consumer Crafts Purchase

Have you ever shopped at Consumer Crafts online?  If you haven't you really are missing out on a wonderful craft shopping site where you can not only purchase a plethora {♥ that word} of crafting items but their $prices$ are a great way to save money on some of your old time favorites and some NEW and exciting products. For the purpose of this shopping experience I selected items from their Craft Basics Section ~ there … [Read more...]

Who Needs Vera Bradley?

Darice Purse and Wallet set

I love Vera Bradley purses...I see them niece has some and she even has the diaper bag.....I really, really wanted one...but I didn't want to spend the money..... but..... A few weeks ago I was in a local craft store with my husband {who had no idea that I was desirous of ~insert covetous~ of one of those handbags}......he noticed the little beauty above and said, "Hey, sweetie.....I think you would … [Read more...]