Coffee-Dyed Book Page Flowers

Coffee dyed book page flowers #paper #flowers #coffeedye @

I have a bit of a thing for books, coffee and flowers so when I saw a beautiful craft with tutorial in Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine I really wanted to try it.  My biggest obstacle wasn’t actually making the flowers but using pages from a perfectly good book.  I had such a hard time pulling those pages out but I did it and all in

Valentine’s Day Love Letter Banners

Love Banner made from scrapbook paper @

  I love decorating for Valentine’s Day and banners and bunting are among my favorite items to decorate with.  I have some banners from a few years ago that I never posted.  These were made using scrapbook papers and ribbon.  I used my Cricut to cut out the heart shapes and LOVE letters which I then wove the ribbons through.  I also added some glitter