Project Inspire{d} Week #79 Link Party and FABULOUS Features

Guest Room 5 watermarked

Happy Monday Dear Friends ~ It is time to Party like it’s 2014 {does anyone else remember when 1999 seemed like the future ~ Prince fans join me in a little dance!}  So what have you all been up to?  I’ve been getting ready for Back-to-School and will be sharing Our Back-to-School Vintage Library tomorrow. Right now I'm having a $600.00 Paypal Cash Giveaway going on and you still have a few more days to … [Read more...]

19 Appealing Front Yard Designs for Curb Appeal

Add carb appeal to your home with these great front yard design ideas

Do you ever get stumped with what to do to give your front yard some oomph and add to the overall curb appeal of your home?  I do.  I did a Front Yard Makeover a few years ago but I'm due for another one.  I think it's one of the easiest ways to get your home noticed.  I love when I pass a house and the yard catches my eye.   I curated this board for Hometalk and you can see all the details … [Read more...]

Back to School $600 Giveaway

$600 Paypal Cash Giveaway - 3 $200 Dollar Winners

It's time for Back to School and that means $$$ for all of the things your kids will need.  I've gotten together with a group of other bloggers to offer a $600.00 Paypal Cash Giveaway.  There will be 3 winners chosen and each will win $200 in Paypal cash.   Leave a comment here letting me know what you'd do with the money if you won and then click the link below to confirm that entry and find … [Read more...]

How To Teach an Old Dinosaur a New Trick with Fruit Shoot #StuntHunt

Teach an Old Dinosaur a New Trick

Ever since my boys were little one of my favorite things to watch them do was play ~ crazy and wild or quiet and imaginative their playing always makes me smile.  I only have one left that's in the kids active adventure stage {the older ones are JUST CRAZY and WILD}.  My youngest usually makes movies ~ all kinds of movies ~ with his toys but for this post he, Spike, a ball and Fruit Shoot were the … [Read more...]

Project Inspire{d} Week #78 Link Party and Features

Project Inspire{d} Weekly Link Party Mondays at 8 p.m. EST #linkparty #projectinspired

The links at last week's Project Inspire{d} absolutely ROCKED!!!! I have a lot of features this week because I  could not narrow down my choices.  I would have loved to pick every single was a great party!  Starting this week the features will be shared in a post on Saturday but Project Inspire{d} will stay at Monday Nights at 8 p.m.  We have some new buttons and we'll be rolling out … [Read more...]

Butter Steamed Cabbage

Butter Steamed Cabbage from #cabbage #recipes

The Easiest and Tastiest Cabbage Ever Cabbage is one of my favorite vegetables and it's in season around here which means the freshest cabbage is available from local farmer's markets.  It's usually really inexpensive as well which is a big plus in my book.  I recently got two fresh heads and was going to make my Mom's sweet and sour cabbage but decided to change things up a bit and make a butter steamed … [Read more...]

Get Ready for Back to School with STEM


Do you know what STEM is?   S is for Science, T is for Technology, E is for Engineering, M is for Math  Right now in the United States there are currently 3 MILLION Unfilled STEM* Jobs. That number is staggering to me.  What's even more staggering is the fact that girls are still behind in STEM jobs compared with boys.  I was blessed growing up in that if I wanted to do something … [Read more...]

Project Inspire{d} ~ 5 Awesome DIYs to Inspire You

5 Awesome DIYs to Inspire You

Happy Monday!  Welcome to this week's Project Inspire{d}.  So what have you been up to this week? Here's What I've Been Doing   I shared an easy and inexpensive way to clean and shine copper ~ if you don't already know the secret be sure to check it out.   I also shared my new favorite two-ingredient hand and body scrub.  It leaves your skin smooth and soft.  Now for this … [Read more...]

Coconut Oil and Coffee Hand and Body Scrub

Make and all natural body and hand scrub from coconut oil and leftover coffee grounds from

All Natural Coconut Oil and Coffee Hand and Body Scrub   This started out as a body scrub {and is a GREAT one} but I found out by accident that this makes a great hand scrub for gardeners.  I like to dig around in my garden.  Sometimes I wear gloves, most times I don't.  I like to feel the dirt and work with it and gloves get in the way.  This, for me, means I'm not a manicure gal. … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way to Clean Copper

How to clean copper easily without any elbow grease.

The Easiest Way to Clean Copper   Copper is beautiful when it's bright and shiny with that glorious pinkish tinge but when it's dirty and dull it is not such a pretty sight.   I have a copper wash tub that was my Grandma's.  It was used to do laundry for her 8 children.  {I am so thankful to have a Maytag!} The tub has been soldered with metal added that was not copper and it has dings, … [Read more...]