The Other Talk You Need to Have with Your Teens

Safe Driving Pledge for Teens Screensavers for smartphones and devices from#FordDriveSafe

You probably thought this was going to be something uncomfortable but trust me….I would never do that to you.  Just knowing someone was reading that here would make my face beet red and I would be having palpitations…..I’ll leave that talk totally up to YOU!   The talk I’m referring to is the one about driving […]

Melting Snowman Cookies and an UncommonGoods Giveaway

Easy to Make Melting Snowman Cookies from

 This is the time of year when I’m looking for quick and easy desserts AND just the right gift.  The quick and easy dessert is easy…..the just the right gift not so much but…..that was before I found UncommonGoods.  Oh.My.Word.  Have you ever checked out their site?  I would be surprised if they didn’t have […]

Sweet Roasted Pepper and Caramelized Onion Cheese Bread ~ Holiday Recipes

Sweet Roasted Pepper, Caramelized Onion and Cheese Bread #MezzettaMemories

Christmas for my family and I is usually a quiet time with few celebrations out and about but that doesn’t stop us from having fun and ‘party food’ when we watch movies, play games or just spend the nights together.  I usually like to try new recipes but there are also the recipes that everyone wants […]

My Kitchen Wish List aka My Ninja Star Adventures


Do you have a wish list of items for your kitchen?  Whenever I watch a TV show or a movie and the husband gives the wife a blender, mixer or coffee maker for a gift and the wife is disappointed I always shake my head in disbelief! Honestly, I love to get kitchen gadgets, gizmos […]

Decorating with Faux Fur ~ Go BOLD!

Decorating with Faux Fur

I have a tendency to decorate in neutrals ~ you know….the couch that will go with everything FOREVER but recently I’ve been adding more color to the picture and I am lovin’ the results.  I haven’t gone completely over to the ‘colored’ side of life {case in point the awesome white foot stool and white fur […]