Sparkling Water with Frozen Berries

Sparkling water with berries made with SodaStream at Cupcakes and Crinoline

I am a soda girl…I love it.  Always have.  When I was little we had soda at home but it was just for the adults {i.e. mostly for Mom ~ it was a perk for giving birth!}.  The only time I really had a chance to have any was at my Grandma’s house…her house was […]

{Free} iPhone Photo and GIF Diary ~ Days

Days May 15, 2013

I ♥love♥ pictures {especially of my boys} and taking them with my iPhone is one of my favorite things to do. The other day I came across this super awesome photo and GIF diary called Days ~ I had so much fun taking pictures of my little guy at the park and seeing him ‘in action’ made […]

Fix Your Christmas Lights ~ Don’t Throw Them Away!

Light Keeper Pro - fixes light sets

This year, like every other year, we got out the Christmas lights to start decorating and several strands of lights just wouldn’t light…or, half the strand would light but not the other half…grrrrrr.  My husband was getting ready to decorate outside, pulled out some of the lights and out of 10 strands of lights, 6, […]