Give Yourself the Gift of Guilt-Free Creativity

Create Without Guilt

Give Yourself the Gift of Guilt-Free Creativity:: Creating for me is a therapy of sorts.  Whether it is creating something crafty, photography, digging in the dirt or cooking and baking there is something cathartic about it that gives me a sense of calm ~ it’s the same for me with cleaning….it sends me to some […]

Create Excitement While Learning, Make Memories Accessible, Sweeten the Day the Nut-Free Way and a GIVEAWAY

#PTPABTS LyveHome, Rich's Nut-Free Cookies and Sphero Giveaway

That title is a mouthful, isn’t it? Going back to school is a time of transition for families but it’s also a time of excitement for kids as they get ready to learn new things, make new memories and spend time with friends.  Think of this post as a helpful guide to get back into […]

Picturing Life with My HTC One #VZWBuzz

Chalk in urn on black background using HTC One #VZWBuzz

Way back in the day when smartphones were just entering the market I said goodbye to my flip phone and said hello to a whole new world.  Since then I’ve had a few smartphones and almost 3 years ago I got my first ‘advanced’ {fancy schmancy} one which I had until a few weeks ago […]

{Free} iPhone Photo and GIF Diary ~ Days

Days May 15, 2013

I ♥love♥ pictures {especially of my boys} and taking them with my iPhone is one of my favorite things to do. The other day I came across this super awesome photo and GIF diary called Days ~ I had so much fun taking pictures of my little guy at the park and seeing him ‘in action’ made […]

Vintage Bottle Holder, Pop Bottles and Flowers

Vintage bottle and flowers3

    I came across this chicken wire bottle holder years ago at a local merchants and move it around from the sun room, to the craft room to my kitchen and anywhere it seems to fit for the season.  I had some Coca Cola bottles saved from a while back and with the flowers […]

Photoshop Fun with Layers

Peeps in Candelabra_edited-4

I have photoshop….I use it to ‘crop’ and resize…….yawn….yep…that’s about it.  I had to have it…had to have it…mini tantrum…had to have it….and…um….. I have no clue how to use it…I know, I know…there are tutorials…there are blogs devoted to this stuff….but if it doesn’t jump out and bite me…well, read my lemon post and […]

Christmas Photography-Object Zoom

Christmas Photography ~ Object Zoom Joy

I know basically nothing about photography.  I bought an awesome camera, the Canon Digital Rebel XTi, while I still had my previous job.  It was my last splurge.  I had the camera, but never took the time to learn to use it.  I bought if for all of the endless creative possibilities and yet used […]