Our Favorite Homework Helper Apps

Favorite and free homework helper apps for kids. #homework #apps #school #kids #HTCRemix #VZWBuzz

Our Favorite Homework Helper Apps It’s time for school and all that entails, desk work, homework, learning, understanding, growing…..all so important, but sometimes it can be overwhelming.  When kids need help with their school it can be frustrating but thankfully, there are FREE apps to help with their learning and encourage them to learn more!  We use the HTC Remix and HTC One for the majority

Back to School Organizing

Organize and display with a Library with drawers. It's the perfect combination of functionality and style. #spon

Back to School Organizing I love to be organized but unfortunately sometimes I don’t even know how or where to begin. It seems overwhelming at times. One of the many areas of my life that needs to be organized are all of the books and supplies our family uses for school. I’m a homeschooler and we usually just keep all the books and supplies in

Homeschool Science Project ~ Ages 4+

Homeschool Science Experiment 1

My youngest is ready for school to start…I would prefer to wait but since he is excited I don’t want him to lose that eagerness to learn.  Science projects/experiments are such a great ‘hands on’ way to keep kids wanting more.  I purchased this kit, Scientific Explorer ~ Mind Blowing Science ™, at a local craft store.  The items in the kit are pretty much