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Bowl of lemons on a summer table

  Welcome to my sunroom.  I don’t think I’ve ever shared this part of my home before but it is my favorite spot to just sit and ponder.  At the end of today’s post I’ll be linking to some other wonderful bloggers who are sharing their summer spaces with you as well as part of the bHome Home Tour Summer Open House and…there’s also a giveaway

7 Juicy {maybe not} Tidbits About Me


Sheila Wray Gregorie over at To Love, Honor and Vacuum put out an invitation this morning for anyone interested in participating in a post concerning 7 Juicy Tidbits about themselves….my hand flew up, figuratively, and I jumped at the chance.  Not sure why, because come to think of it, I am really not that interesting…skimming the bottom of my life’s barrel for 7 things…fighting off

Help for the Homeless

Footsteps in the Snow

  I pray that I may not judge a man, until I have walked a mile in his shoes. I have been thinking a lot lately about how truly blessed I am.  I have people who love me and who I love, I have a roof over my head, I have a furnace, a soft bed,  running water, food in my refrigerator and so many

Creative You New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year

Resolutions can be something we dread.  We start out with good intentions:  I will lose 20 pounds, I will pay off all of my debt, I will, I will, I will….but then, shortly into the New Year {speaking for myself}, I fall off the resolution wagon.  This year, I wanted to make resolutions for myself that would feed my creative spirit and so, I present:

Fast Easy Double Chocolate Truffles


I have never made truffles before but this year, I decided to give it a whirl.  These are very good {decadent} and so much easier than I thought.  These can be made as a last minute treat for guests, friends and neighbors and the taste can be altered using different flavored extracts. 6 1 ounce squares semi-sweet chocolate 2 tablespoons butter 1/4 cup whipping cream

Christmas Clean~Best Glass Cleaner


I hate smudges and dust on glass.  I have had a glass gallery table in my family room for years…I like it, and it was a gift so it is not going anywhere.  Now, the dilemma arises that I have three boys…they like to eat, At The Table…leaving smudgy fingerprints…yuck.  To add to that, my house is forever dusty.  I literally dust almost every day,

Cards for Hannah


So many times I think of how blessed I am.  Blessed more than I even realize. Today, I was spending some time on Twitter and a link was posted along with a request to retwitter.  I was drawn to the link and when I clicked on it, I read the story below. One of the founders of Smart Girl Politics has a sad and tender

Christmas Photography-Object Zoom

Christmas Photography ~ Object Zoom Joy

I know basically nothing about photography.  I bought an awesome camera, the Canon Digital Rebel XTi, while I still had my previous job.  It was my last splurge.  I had the camera, but never took the time to learn to use it.  I bought if for all of the endless creative possibilities and yet used the auto setting for every single picture.  The other day,

Last Minute Christmas Ideas


This year, my husband and I decided in advance how much money would be spent on Christmas and we were very specific about what we wanted and we listened carefully to the kids during regular conversations to get ideas for what they wanted.  We have never really gone overboard on gift giving so this year was not too much of a change from our norm,

Christmas Tour 2008


Mercy, Joy and Peace Shimmer, Sparkle and Glow Red, White and Blue Snowmen Snow Globes Stress! Friends Thanks for visiting.  Merry Christmas hugs, mb. p.s. I am heading over to Kimba’s for an open house…I hope to see you there. p.s.s. So now, I was over at Kimba’s {A Soft Place to Land} clicking on links and looking at some amazingly beautiful houses and decorations