17 St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

17 Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

17 Splendid St. Patrick’s Day Ideas There was so much wonderful St. Patrick’s Day inspiration shared at last week’s Project Inspire{d} and here is just a wee sampling of the splendid ideas that you shared with us! Shamrock Cookies from Christianity Cove Rainbow Jello Snack from Christianity Cove St. Patrick’s Day Thread Spools from Kaleidoscope of Colors Dollar Store Decor to St. Patrick’s Day Pillow from

10 Rules of Smartphone Etiquette

10 Rules of Smartphone Etiquette from cupcakesandcrinoline.com s

Do you remember life before smartphones? I didn’t have my first cell phone until my middle son was 2 years old.  I remember thinking it was so cool and awesome to have that flip phone.  I liked the security it provided.  I was a single mom at the time and having a cell phone was a great way to stay safe ~ to make sure

Bacon Zucchini Spoon Bread ~ Home Cooking 101

Bacon Zucchini Spoon Bread ~ homestyle cooking ~ from cupcakesandcrinoline.com

If it has bacon it has to be good!   When I think of home cooking I usually think of something that’s stick-to-your ribs good.  I like to cook healthy meals with all of the right combos of good stuff but a lot of times my guys just want something with…….. drumroll please …….. BACON! I made this for the first time a few weeks ago

Project Inspire{d} Link Party ~ Week #107

Project Inspire{d} Mondays at 8 p.m. EST

Welcome to this week’s Project Inspire{d} link party! I am so happy to have you here.  I’m going to pull the mom card and ask you all how you’ve been….have you been staying warm and healthy????  I certainly hope you have.  ♥ I’ve continued my hibernation ~ it has been either too cold or too snowy here to do much of anything.  I did go

33 Amazing Desserts

33 Amazingly Fabulous Desserts Features from Project Inspire{d}

33 Amazing Desserts I have a real sweet tooth….I honestly think that I could devote 75% of my dietary intake to sweets and I would be perfectly happy so when I saw all of the amazing desserts and sweets shared at last week’s Project Inspire{d} I was elated!  There were so many that I couldn’t share them all but I had to narrow it down

Chicken a la King ~ The Easy Way

Chicken a la king made from rotisserie chicken from cupcakesandcrinoline.com

Chicken a la King Made with Rotisserie Chicken When I was growing up I remember my Mom making chicken à la king with toast. It was one of my favorite dinners but I forgot about it for years…ages even until a few weeks ago and I had such a craving for it I decided to make it.  I didn’t have my Mom’s recipe so I improvised

Coffee Station Organization

Coffee Station Organization using a DIY Vintage-like coffee box

DIY Coffee Station Organization  Over the last year or so I’ve noticed so many cute and useful coffee organization stations.  Since I got my Keurig for Christmas  I’ve been contemplating the best to organize my K-cups.  I have a wire basket lined with a vintage linene above the kitchen sink that houses a lot of various flavors but I also wanted something to put on the

Project Inspire{d} Link Party ~ Week #106

Project Inspire{d} Mondays at 8 p.m. EST

Hello dear friends! Welcome to this week’s Project Inspire{d}.   How have you been this week?  I’ve been cold…….I think I officially have icicles hanging from me but on the plus side I do hear birds singing and chirping their little hearts out.  It’s such a sweet sound in the midst of the frigid cold and it reminds me of the hope of spring and warmer

14 Creative and Unique Home Decor Ideas

14 Unique and Creative Home Decor Ideas

14 Creative and Unique Home Decor Ideas ~ from Project Inspire{d} I have a confession to make.  I used to LOVE to decorate my home.  To move things around, to create new things, to use what I had on hand to create vignettes and then that stopped.  I  have been trying so hard for years to get that back and I finally think I may