Coconut Oil and Coffee Hand and Body Scrub

All Natural Coconut Oil and Coffee Hand and Body Scrub

Make and all natural body and hand scrub from coconut oil and leftover coffee grounds from

 This started out as a body scrub {and is a GREAT one} but I found out by accident that this makes a great hand scrub for gardeners.  I like to dig around in my garden.  Sometimes I wear gloves, most times I don’t.  I like to feel the dirt and work with it and gloves get in the way.  This, for me, means I’m not a manicure gal.  I keep my nail short but even with them being short when I’m out in the garden I always get dirt under my nails and on my hands.  The other day I made this scrub to use in the shower and then went out into the garden.  After a bit of weed pulling I came in with dirty hands as usual but instead of using the harsh soap I usually use to clean my hands I used this coconut and coffee ground scrub and the results were wonderful.  Not only did the grittiness of the coffee grounds get rid of the dirt but the coconut oil washed it all away and left me with soft and smooth hands.  

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  1. 1

    Karen says

    Great idea! I keep my nails short also but hate getting dirt under them-can’t wait to give this a try!

  2. 5

    Karen says

    Just wanted to let you know MB that this was just repinned over 21 times-my most repinned pin ever! So excited for you!

  3. 12


    I feel the exact same way about gloves and gardening and manicures! This coconut scrub sounds divine. Do you think it would work with unused coffee grounds?

  4. 18

    Aly says

    Do I need to worry about the oil going down the drain at all?! Should I be worried it would harden?!?!

    • 19


      A little goes a long way with this scrub. I’ve been using it on my hands for a while now without any problems with my drain. I do use hot water at the end to rinse everything down the drain but if this is something that concerns you, you could rub it on your hands while outside and rinse off with a hose or water from a pitcher. :)