Maple Honey Ham Panini ~ A Bold Sandwich Choice {Gluten Free and Delicious}


Maple Ham Panini ~ A Gluten Free Delight

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{and a sandwich just for kids}

A few of my family members have recently decided to go gluten free.  As I’ve been attempting to find recipes and meals to keep them on track I’ve been trying to keep things delicious and exciting for them.  Sandwiches can be exciting if you use the right ingredients.  I decided to step things up and dazzle them with a BOLD DeliFresh meat choice.  What did I choose, you may ask?  My pick for this dinner was a line of deli-cious meats from Oscar Mayer.  

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Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Bold  contains no artificial preservatives and no artificial flavors and are gluten free.

For my sandwiches I chose Maple Honey Ham  but there are three other varieties available all with bold spices:


  • Italian Style Herb Turkey Breast
  • Cajun Style Turkey Breast
  • Chipotle Season Chicken Breast

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Panini Ingredients:

Oscar Mayer DeliFresh Maple Honey Ham 

Gluten Free Bread ~ 2 slices for each sandwich




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Heat up your panini maker.

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Cover one slice of bread with mayonnaise.

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Top with the DeliFresh Bold flavor of your choice.

#DeliFreshBold #spon_MG_6615

Then the tomato

#DeliFreshBold #spon_MG_6616

…..and cheese……

#DeliFreshBold #spon_MG_6617

and top with another slice of bread.

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Place on HOT panini press and make your sandwich as usual.  Cut in half and wait for the smiles.

#DeliFreshBold #spon Cool-Sandwich-ArtNext up, I made a fun Cat sandwich for my youngest son.  I found this idea in this little book ~ Cool Sandwich Food Art.   


Oscar Mayer DeliFresh Maple Honey Ham 

Gluten Free Bread ~ 1 slice plus 2 corners 


2 slices of cheese 

1/2 tomato slice (for tongue) and 1 cherry tomato for eyes and nose

Celery cut to size and sliced thin for whiskers

Assemble your sandwich:  Spread mayonnaise on your bread and top with the Maple Honey Ham. 

You are going to cut one slice of cheese into a circle (I used the lid from my mayonnaise jar but you could also use a round cookie cutter).  This gets placed on top of your meat.  

Now place the tomato tongue on top of the cheese.  

The next layer are the kitty cat cheeks ~ I used another piece of cheese and cut 2 smaller circles to lay on top of the tomato.  I used the corers from this cheese for the ears.

Now cut your cherry tomato into two thin slices for eyes and use the bottom for the nose.  

Add your celery whiskers and place the ears above.  

#DeliFreshBold #spon Cat-sandwich

You can find more BOLD ideas by following Oscar Mayer on Twitter and Facebook 

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    Karen Wolff says

    sounds delicious! I too am currently eating GF so thank you for the recipe! I miss bread so much :( I cannot find any GF bread anywhere near where I live and my time in the kitchen is very limited. I look forward to further GF recipes or ideas!

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      Thanks so much, Karen! I get our bread at Costco ~ it’s called Rudi’s and it’s in the frozen food section. I went out yesterday and bought a lot of the ingredients to do some baking (including gluten-free bread). I’ll be posting recipes as soon as they are perfected. I hope you find some bread and other food you like soon.