A Natural Alternative ~ Homemade Deodorant

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Natural alternatives for home cleaning, beauty and health products have become a recent passion of mine.  I had thought for quite a while that using processed deodorants and antiperspirants were not the best choice for me and my family so I went on a search for a natural alternative.  

Homemade DeodorantCupcakes and Crinoline

I found many recipes online and tried a few but found this one has worked the best of all that I tried and can be made in just a matter of a few minutes for less than $1.00. My first batch is still in use (over 2 months) and is not even half of the way gone yet.  I love that I can customize the scent for each family member and that it can  be reapplied throughout the day if desired.  

Homemade Deodorant3


Homemade Deodorant5

6 tablespoons coconut oil 

1/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup arrowroot powder 

a few drops of essential oil ~ I use lavender for my underarm deodorant but other scents for my sons and husband

Homemade Deodorant4

Mix the arrowroot powder and baking soda together.

Homemade Deodorant6

Next, add the coconut oil.

Homemade Deodorant7

Continue mixing until everything is well blended and then add your essential oil if desired.  

Homemade Deodorant8

You can place your deodorant into a small container with a lid to keep it nice and fresh.  I used a Ball Mason Jar for ours ~ these little half pint ones are the perfect size.  

This deodorant is great ~ it doesn’t leave a nasty white mark on clothing (as long as you are careful when you put it on) and it washes out of clothes easily with no residue.  It is a win-win for us and I plan on continuing to make it going forward.  

Homemade Deodorant from Cupcakes and Crinoline 2

If you share my desire to switch over to natural homemade beauty and household products you’ll find a lot more to like by checking out the links below ~ a group of bloggers joined together to razzle dazzle you with a showcase of inspiration!

Please be sure to visit the following blogs for the 
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  1. 3


    I’m going to have to try this. I use a lot of natural remedies, but I haven’t tried a natural deodorant.
    I make my own fabric softener to, but I want to try the dryer sheets that’s at “The Everydsy Home” too. Thank you for all the links. Going through everyone and pinning!
    Linda @ Mixed Kreations´s last blog post ..Music Tile Pendant Necklace

    • 4


      Thanks, Linda ~ I’ve just started to use natural remedies and homemade products in the last few years and I’m lovin’ it! I appreciate the ‘pin’ hugs

  2. 9


    This is great, Mary Beth… and I’m sure a real lifesaver for people with sensitive skin! Many people can’t wear OTC deodorants because of the aluminum in them.

    It’s such fun to see what everyone has made… I’m loving this tour!! Blessings! Sondra
    Sondra @ Sondra Lyn at Home´s last blog post ..Coconut Sugar Scrub

    • 10


      Thanks so much, Sondra. My oldest son has eczema so I try to watch what he uses and this has worked for him without any reaction ~ thankfully!

      I’ve had a great time on the tour as well ~ I’m learning (and pinning) so many great ideas.

      Hugs, Mary Beth

  3. 13


    I’ve made quite a few of my own beauty products Marybeth, but never tried deodorant. I look forward to trying this recipe and I’m pinning now for use later in the week. Thank you for sharing your homemade beauty product.

    • 16


      Thanks so much, Kathy ~ I only recently even gave thought to all the chemicals in deodorant and the fact that it was being placed directly on top of lymph nodes…UGH!

  4. 23

    Karen Wolff says

    Great alternative to all those chemicals! Where do you buy the arrowroot powder and also what scents do you use for the males? TIA!

  5. 29


    Thank you for sharing this! I just started using homemade deodorant that I have been buy locally.But I would like to make it myself.Thank you of sharing!

    • 36


      I’m glad you enjoyed the showcase, Alice. I found so many great recipes to try. I’m like you….the thought of all of the chemicals we’re around and soak in daily is really getting to me ~ these natural alternatives are wonderful!

      Have a fabulous week ~ hugs ~ Mary Beth

  6. 38


    I love this MB. I have OFTEN discussed with other women my concerns with using antiperspirants. If you notice, all women’s deodorants in the store are also antiperspirants. Now, Men’s on the other hand…you can find just deodorants. I don’t go near woman’s deodorants for this reason. I only use men’s. The best smelling girly one I could find is Old Spice Sport. We have like 10 of them in our house lol. Now I want to try your idea!! Thanks so much for the info. XO

    • 40


      Thanks so much for stopping by, Tina ~ I’ll have to give homemade shampoo a try ~ I’ve been trying to switch over a little at a time but so far I am really thankful to be using natural products more and more.

  7. 44


    My husband decided to go the natural route with his deodorant, but he just swabs on alcohol. I keep telling him there has to be a better way. I’m so glad you did the research and shared it with us. I will be making this for not just him, but me too.
    Sharon´s last blog post ..recommended reading

  8. 45

    Karen Wolff says

    I’m having trouble mixing my ingredients-my coconut oil is hard, should I microwave it for a little?

    • 46


      I just keep mixing mine ~ it softens up as I mix. Try using a fork if you aren’t already doing that. Let me know how it works out. p.s. If you do microwave it I would only do 15 seconds at a time.

      • 47

        Karen Wolff says

        thanks Mary Beth-I only microwed for 15 seconds and keep stirring and it worked! The kids and I had fun making our own special blends :)

  9. 48


    I love it, I make a lot of our natural products but not deodorant yet. Now I will, thanks so much, and I have everything I need right on hand. I’ll be making a batch soon! Thanks for sharing at Sunday’s Best, your creative inspiration is always a delight to see!