Magic Reindeer Dust {Poem} with Free Printable

Magic Reindeer Dust

A few years ago I found this adorable little poem and recipe for Magic Reindeer Dust.  The kids love to sprinkle the dust in the yard {hopefully on snow} every year to guide Santa and his Reindeer right to your door.  I’ve included the recipe and a free printable just for you!

Magic Reindeer Dust ~ Recipe, Poem and Printable at Cupcakes and Crinoline

Come December 24th, as Santa flies here from the North, here’s what you do, it isn’t hard ~
Just sprinkle this stuff in your yard…
The sparkles draw old Santa near
and oats attract his reindeer…
Then just you wait ~ they’re on their way
P.S. Happy Holiday!

Yields 4 bags of Reindeer Dust

2 cups of oatmeal 

glitter ~ use as much or as little as you would like {I used 2 tablespoons for this batch but it’s mostly just a shake, stir and add kind of thing!}

Magic Reindeer Dust from Cupcakes and Crinoline

Mix the above together and separate into bags for each child.  I use treat bags and cut them to size, print out a label {click here do download} and then fold over the bag, fold the label in half and staple the label on.

You could also use a ziplock baggy or jar.

Merry Christmas!



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