My Big White Shoes and Other Fun Stuff with NickMom.Com

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What do your shoes Really say about you?  I found out the true meaning of my shoe choices at NickMom {Nickelodeon for Moms…fun and funny!}.  Talk about a life changing revelation {not really but that made you want to look, didn’t it?}.

Today I am going to let you in on a little secret…I love shoes….shoes with high heels {think stripper shoes ~ for you DIYers these are not the shoes you wear when stripping furniture}.

You thought that was the secret, didn’t you? Nope, it’s not.

The secret is that my love for shoes is misleading.  I have so many gorgeous shoes…shoes that only see the light of day when I’m not fighting the battle of the bulge {right now it’s not a battle…I have given in and I am embracing the bulge with both hands}.  I have shoes in boxes.  Shoes that have never left their cardboard homes.  Shoes that sit up on a high shelf in my closet begging to be released from their tomb but there they sit, day after day, season after season.

Here are two pairs of my most recent acquisitions ~ both high heeled {not quite stripper high…I mean, I am a mom…and a wife…and…well, I don’t want to fall off them and break a hip}.  These sometimes get some wear action…rarely.

When I want to go for the sorta cute yet still comfy factor, I wear either of these pairs.

When I totally give in and basically just don’t care {please tell me I’m not the only one that does this} I wear these beauties with stretch jeans ~ yep…they look like I work the night shift at a factory and then get in the car and head on over to volunteer at an old folk’s home, don’t they?  {No offense to you if you do work the nightshift at a factory.  I know you work hard and you need to wear comfortable shoes}.  I have no excuse for wearing these except that they fit, they’re comfortable I don’t fall off of them.

For belly laughs, videos {really funny true-to-life not perfect mom videos} and other cool Mom stuff wait until the kiddos are all tucked in tonight and head on over to  I could spend hours over there just having me-time fun.  I thought this video {compost parenting} was hilarious ~ it made me feel so much better about me and my way of mothering ~ you know, the “imperfect but I can laugh at myself” style.  NickMom MotherFunny has so many more videos, Night-Cap Stand-Up {my favorites}, photos, LOLS and games.  You are so going to thank me for this….we’ll probably be BFF now that I’ve shared this info with you.  We can even go shopping together if we both wear our comfy shoes…we need to be practical like that.

For more MotherFunny info you can follow along on twitter @NickMom and facebook NickMom.

P.S. Did you see the Auditioning to be a Kardashian Shoe Style ~ I must admit I would buy these if they were comfortable and an inch off the ground.  Do you think if I wore a pink jogging suit with my white tennies I could audition to be a friend of the Kardashians?

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    LOL Too funny! I love little ‘quizzes’ like this. I also love the really high heels and I will wear a pair on occasion. I must be some kind of crazy mash-up, though, because I probably own at least 6 of those types of shoes. My favorite kind of shoes these days are boots, more for utilitarian purposes than comfort or fashion, though. Since they don’t mention boots at all, I wonder if that means boots are ‘so yesterday’ or if they were too intimidating to poke fun at… Hmmm… *chuckle* Great post!
    Melody´s last blog post ..Physical Education

  2. 2

    Julia Stansel says

    As long as the rear end of that jogging suit says Juicy or Pink you could definitely audition to be a friend. Wait, is your butt big enough??

  3. 10


    Those white sneakers are really, really funny and you describe them perfectly. :) I have a pair like that too but mine are black and teal. I need to find something else to be a go-to shoe for me. Although I’m typically in a pair of flip flops, as the weather becomes increasingly more cold, I need something a little more . . . toasty. The little tennis shoes are REALLY cute! I should consider getting a pair of those while mini floral is still in!

    Summer Davis´s last blog post ..The Frazzled Mom’s Guide to a #SpookyCelebration Starts Here