Bird Feeders and Treats to Make with the Kids

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Make some quick and easy natural bird treats and feeders with the kids and lend your little outdoor peeps a helping hand.

I can hear the birds chirping every morning which puts a huge smile on my face ~ spring is around the corner ~ but until things warm up those poor little feathered friends are foraging for food in the bitter cold.  My little guy and I wanted to give them some help with finding some food and made these little feeders and treats in less than 30 minutes.

We hung some from a tree in the front yard……


and some from my Dad’s Little Red Ladder

You don’t need much at all ~ just the few items below:



Bird Seed

Peanut Butter

Twine or string

An adult will need to do some of these steps {the apple and orange slicing/cutting} but the rest can be done by the kiddos.

Apple Treats

Slice the apple into 1/4″ slices.

Use an awl or some sort of punch to make a hole in the top of the apple ~ not too close to the top or else the apple will tear.  I used an Allen key to make my holes ~ easy peasy!

Next, add the string to use for hanging from tree branches.

Have your little ones spread some peanut butter on to the apple slices ~ one side only.

Sprinkle some bird seed on to the peanut buttered apple slices and gently press the seeds into the peanut butter.

Orange Feeders

Slice your orange in half and scoop out the orange.

Make a hole on each side of the orange and use string to hang ~ fill with bird seed.

Now have the kids bundle up and hang the treats and feeders from tree branches in the yard on trees that they can easily see ~ it’s so nice to watch the little birds find these unexpected treats and have a feast!

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      My little guy did enjoy making these but we had to keep stopping for him to wash his hands ~ there was peanut butter everywhere! The little birds do seem to be enjoying it ~ now I need to buy more seed for them.

      Have a wonderful week!

      Hugs, Mary Beth

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      Thanks so much, Cynthia! Sorry it took me so long to respond ~ my spam filter caught your comment in its snare!

      Have a wonderful week.

      Hugs, Mary Beth

    • 13


      That’s so cute, Robin. My little guy kept wanting to lick his fingers ~ I had to keep telling him to wash his hands…not LICK!

      Have a fabulous weekend.

      Hugs, Mary Beth

    • 15


      Thanks so much, Malia ~ now my little guy wants to make a birdhouse for the spring and summer. I guess I started a trend with him. :)

      Hugs, Mary Beth

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    What a sweet idea! My little ones would love making little bird treats…or at least a little mess! Never would have thought to use little orange peel bowls or apples sliced like that. Thanks for an impromptu project with my kids this afternoon. We have such cabin fever right now with this frigid weather, so I’m looking for anything and everything to keep us happy inside.

    • 17


      Thanks so much, Jami! We all have cabin fever here as well….it seems to be the winter that never ends.

      Have a lovely week!

      Mary Beth