Hand Print Heirloom Ornament


Make a lasting memory with your little ones easily and have it for Christmases to come.  All you need is an ornament and some nontoxic craft paint ~ I used a round glass one but you could also use a plastic one.  Choose a non-toxic paint in a complementary color.

Now here’s the hard part ~ brush some paint onto your child’s hand.  Make sure they don’t make a fist or smear the paint.  Now have them GENTLY {especially if you are using a glass bulb} cradle the ornament and press down slightly so that they have complete contact with the ornament making sure they don’t wiggle their fingers so that you get a clean print.  Now have them release their grip and hold their hand out flat – palm up – while you lift the ornament.  I then turned mine upside down in a small rimmed glass so that the paint could dry.

Once dry, add the child’s name and year.

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