Thanksgiving Morning and Black Friday with Starbucks and Blueberry Muffins

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Thanksgiving morning is always busy around my house.  There’s lots of prep work, baking and cooking to do and I want a coffee that is smooth and doesn’t jolt me into the day and something for breakfast that’s fresh and satisfying but not overwhelming.  This year, I have my Thanksgiving Breakfast and my Black Friday Breakfast all planned out thanks to Starbucks Breakfast Blend brew at home coffee and fresh Blueberry Muffins made with real blueberries from The Bakery at Walmart.

For this trip to Walmart I made a beeline to the Bakery Department and found The Blueberry Muffins I was looking for right near the other fresh baked breads and pastries.

Next, I headed to the coffee aisle and looked for some Starbucks Breakfast Blend Coffee.  I chose the medium blend.  I wanted something with a smooth yet satisfying flavor.

Walmart does have a Starbucks Coffee and The Bakery Display featuring many #DeliciousPairings but mine didn’t have one so I had to search both areas for my combination.  The display would give you more options and lots of inspiration for your own #DeliciousPairings and that will certainly save you time over the upcoming holidays and you’ll be able to impress family and guests with the other delicious combos! {This is what a #DeliciousPairings display looks like.}

As soon as I got home I placed the Blueberry Muffins on a serving dish and opened the Starbucks Breakfast Blend Coffee ~ the aroma from each of these delights was wonderful!  These two choices made for #DeliciousPairings.  I could hardly wait to try the fresh brewed coffee and the fluffy moist muffins.

Once the coffee was done brewing I poured a cup for myself and my husband.  This was going to be an event!  We first tasted the Starbucks Breakfast Blend Coffee.  I occasionally splurge and get a cup of coffee at Starbucks but this was the first time I ever bought a bag to to brew at home.  The home-brewed coffee was divine and did not disappoint.   The complementary notes of the Starbucks Breakfast Blend are nuts, apples, blueberries and lemon.  The notes melded perfectly and no one note was overpowering but instead each note delivered a delicious and smooth addition to the blend.

We then tried the muffin ~ what a burst of flavor.  The blueberries were so fresh and juicy and the muffin light and tasty with just the right amount of sweetness.

Then we dove in an had the coffee and muffins together and this symphony of flavors was refreshing and satisfying.  The coffee tasted a little fruitier with the addition of the muffin and the muffin a little smoother with the addition of the Breakfast Blend coffee.  We were left with a fresh taste and a feeling of being full without being stuffed.  I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving Morning and Black Friday to have this combination again.  I’ll be ready to conquer the world!

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      Mary Beth says

      It is a really great combination ~ I am looking forward to getting it again for Christmas Wrapping Day, go the mailbox day….I’m hooked! : ) Have a great weekend, Kelly.