Pants too Short and No Winter Pajamas ~ Cookie’s Kids to the Rescue

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My youngest son has been growing by leaps and bounds which is a very good thing…..except when it comes to keeping him clothed.  Our weather has turned cooler rather quickly and I found myself not prepared at all {as though living in Pennsylvania I was not expecting cool weather this time of year?!?}.  We were going out to run some errands and I had my youngest get some jeans out of his drawers…yep, this is what they looked like!!!!  I couldn’t believe how much he had grown in the last few months.  The jeans that fit not too long ago were now way too short.

It was at this time I also realized that the only pair of pajamas he still had that fit were SHORTS…ugh.  Thank heavens for Cookie’s Kids.  If you’ve never shopped there for kids clothes you really should check them out.  #CookiesKids prices are absolutely great ~ way below the stores in my area ~ and they carry name brand quality items.

The Cookie’s Kids website is easy to navigate.  No confusing tabs.  There’s so much to choose from but narrowing down your options is a breeze.

First up, I wanted to be sure to order the correct size.  Cookie’s Kids offers a wonderful helper named ‘Alva kids‘.  All you do is follow the screen prompts to fill in important info about your child {or whomever you are making the purchase for} and Alva will let you know the size you need.  From there, once you click on an article of clothing, Alva will be able to tell what size your child wears in that particular item.

Once Alva let me know the size needed for my little guy…..I started some winter fashion shopping.  You can see my entire ‘shopping trip‘ in my Google + story.  I easily found the perfect jeans AND we found a dinosaur pajama set with a matching robe!  I placed my order and within a few days {in spite of the Hurricane ~ #CookiesKids is based in NYC} we received our order.

I’ve had this blog since M was a toddler so he’s a little model ham ~ here he is in his new clothing.

I ordered a size larger than what Alva recommended in the jeans because I wanted M to have some room to grow.  These were only $9.99.  They’re a nice heavy fabric ~ great for the cooler weather and so stylish!  These are Rocker fit jeans.

And now for the Dinosaur Pajama Set, which was only $19.99 for all three pieces.  Can you tell that M loves his new pajama set?

We had nowhere to go so he wore the set the entire day into the night only taking his robe off to sleep.

Cookie’s Kids has seven brick and mortar locations and this year, they are celebrating their 40th year of business! In 1972, a young man named Cookie and his brother Marvin went into business together. They rented a 1600 square foot store in Jamaica, Queens, fixed it up, bought inventory, Summer and Fall, and opened a day after Thanksgiving with a full stock of holiday toys. The toys were a success and they put the extra money toward buying children’s clothing for the next season. When that did well, they bought more clothing. The business was on it’s way.

As the brothers Cookie, Marvin and Sonny, who had come in as a third partner in the business, began to open new stores in new locations, inventory expanded. Besides the latest fashions, our customers wanted shoes, toys, backpacks and accessories and we were prepared to deliver.

By the late 1990’s there were six superstores throughout the NYC area, and though they previously had different names, by that time they were all named Cookie’s Kids. Also in the late ’90s came an important addition to Cookie’s Kids’ inventory: school uniforms. It was the steady success in uniform sales that paved the way for founding in 2007, which originally sold uniforms and soon after the entire Cookie’s Kids Inventory.

Cookie’s Kids is offering my readers a 10% sitewide discount through 12/14/2012 ~ just enter cupcakesandcrinoline at checkout to get your discount.

“I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and #CBias #SocialFabric”  As always, all opinions shared are my own.

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      Mary Beth says

      Thanks, Ashley ~ my little guy has insisted on wearing it every day so far ~ I have to sneak it out of the bathroom while he’s taking a bath so I can wash it!

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      Mary Beth says

      Thanks for stopping by, Vivienne ~ the Alva helper was great ~ no worries about having to order and send back because the size was incorrect.

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      Thanks, Summer! I’m glad I’m not the only one who orders a larger size to get the biggest bang for my buck.

      Have a great week!

      Mary Beth