Wrap it Up ~ Think Inside the Box

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I always feel bad when I receive a gift that’s wrapped up in lovely paper and I rip the paper to open the gift…all that beauty wasted.

When I give gifts I like to use pretty paper also but when I can, I like to wrap the gift in something that can be used again and is a bit of a gift itself.  I was at the thrift store and saw a small vintage cedar box that said “Sisters are Forever”.

I thought this would be perfect for my sister’s birthday.  I bought the box noting its size and then the challenge became what would fit INTO the box.  I knew my sister loved her Starbuck’s and a gift card would be perfect.  She also loves jewelry so I had a plan.  It actually worked out perfectly as the jewelry box from Macy’s and the gift card were both the exact size for the box.

There was only one problem with my gift wrap….the location stamped on the front held no special meaning but this was easily covered up with a label that I wrote Happy Birthday 2012 on in silver Sharpie and Mod Podged to give it a more permanent look and feel.

I wrapped the gifts in some tissue and ribbon I had leftover from last month’s Birchbox delivery.

I tied a pink ribbon around the box and added some vintage millinery that I had purchased through Etsy a few years ago.

That was it.  I am going to be on the lookout for more wrapping inspiration.  What about you?  Do you wrap your gifts in any special way?


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    Julia Stansel says

    It’s too bad we don’t live closer to each other as I feel like you are my crafty twin! I am always looking for something better than a gift bag, wrapping paper or the same old same old! I have gotten a bit discouraged with the commercialism of gift giving and decided that I wanted to do a bit of unusual this year for Christmas. I was thinking about the gifts I had given last year and how the 2 things that seemed to be received with the most appreciation were a quilt that my mom, myself and my 2 girls had made together for my oldest son and his wife and the breadbox I had painted for them. So I decided that this year I was going to paint my way through and have been buying up every kind of wooden box I could find at the thrift stores. Ok, I’ll admit I also bought some wooden trays, napkin holders, and planters. I don’t plan on using any wrapping paper this year! I am going to paint these items and use them as the wrapping for my other gifts. I hadn’t even thought of using things such as labels to help cover up items I don’t want seen. This will save me time that I otherwise would have spent sanding away tourist locations! I might even have to put my husband to use making me metal plates with engravings on them to cover things. You got my mind to working now! You always have such great ideas! Keep them coming!