How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

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I have been overrun lately with pesky fruit flies.  I have been buying fresh fruit like I usually do but the last few weeks have been absolutely ridiculous with fruit flies.  They seem to be everywhere and obviously they’re vain….I find them on my mirrors….ewwww and yuck!

In an effort to not use chemicals I came across this recipe for getting rid of fruit flies….and….it works! 

You’ll need Apple Cider Vinegar and some dishwashing detergent.  I succumbed to the Dawn rage and bought some at Sam’s Club a few weeks ago so that’s what I used.  

Add approximately 3/4 of an inch of apple cider vinegar to a container.  I used one that I could throw away when I was done with it.  The container itself is not very large.  

Squirt in some dishwashing liquid and stir it up!

Within seconds of putting the concoction down on my countertop there were already 3 fruit flies ready to take the plunge.

 Within 24 hours I had amassed quite a collection of no-longer-pesky fruit flies.  

 If you try this I would like to know your results or if you have another way to get rid of fruit flies I would love to hear what you do.  

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      Mary Beth says

      You’re welcome, Steph! Thanks for stopping by and commenting…it is much appreciated.

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    Thank you so much….I just made the mixture and they are just buzzing around already! Hate those pesky little flies!

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      Mary Beth says

      I love sharing tips as well. I’m a tip junkie! Have a great evening, Carolyn and I will check out your tip tomorrow. : )

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    Mixed Kreations says

    Thanks for the tip. I will be trying this. I don’t have any fruit flies at the moment but I wonder if this would work on the pesky little flies that fly around your house plants. I am going to make some and see.

    Pinning and sharing!

    Linda aka Mixed Kreations

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      Mary Beth says

      Thanks, Linda for sharing this. I would love to know if it works on the plant flies.

      Have a wonderful day! hugs, mg

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      Cheryl says

      This is a method I’ve used for years. I have little specialty cups that I bought with covers on with holes. Then you cover the inside part with tinfoil after pouring in the vinegar (has to be cider vinegar) , poke holes in that. They fly in and as another said , don’t check out! I just use the Cider vinegar and it has always worked, but the mixture is good too! You could use any container and cover with tinfoil and the poke the holes in with a toothpick. For the person who wondered about plant flies, just plain soap water attracts that type. They fly in to drink and drown doing it. It seemed like a few always hung around though ,so for the real tough ones I have bought some sticky strips called: Safer brand Houseplant sticky stakes. They are bright yellow and attract all kinds of bugs (the label says whiteflies, Fungus gnats & etc.) The sticky stakes took care of the rest of the fungus gnats that came in the bagged soil I bought (I finally narrowed it down to that).I thought the fungus gnats were fruit flies, but were not, as they appear to be similar, but if you get a magnifying glass they have stripes on their body. I did an online search and found that info out and that’s also where I bought them. I will use the strips again if I ever have the pests appear, as they supposedly lay many eggs and reproduce quickly. I’ve had no problem since poking them in the affected plants! Good Luck

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    I do the same thing but I make a piece of paper into a funnel and put the vinegar at the bottom of a jar. Then I put the funnel in the jar so the flies cant get out. Then I freeze the whole thing to kill the flies. Sounds like your way is easier. Found you via The Frugal Girls link up.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

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      Mary Beth says

      Thank you, you glamorous housewife, you! I try to make things as easy as possible…adding any steps tends to stress me out …and well, then I can’t seem to do anything at all so….less for me is better.

      Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by and leaving a comment…I love your blog!

      hugs, Mary Beth

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      Mary Beth says

      Thanks so much, Linda, for your kind words ~ I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them.

      I hope you stop by again and it is a pleasure to ‘meet’ you.

      hugs, mb

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    I need to try this. We have quite a few as well and they seem to like my wine…boo! I have left a glass of wine out with just a bit in the bottom of the glass. If you leave it out overnight, there are plenty that are dead in the bottom of the glass in the morning. I like your idea much better, thanks for the tip!
    K Coake´s last blog post ..Organizing Hair Clips

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      Mary Beth says

      Thanks, K ~ A lot of people have told me about wine attracting them and I had no idea! I guess fruit flies like a little wine with their meal. Have a great weekend! mb

    • 21

      Mary Beth says

      Thanks for letting me know, Pamela ~ it must just be the vinegar and any dishwashing liquid. Thanks for stopping by! hugs, mb

  5. 22

    Angela says

    Thank you….I have been getting them too. I have used everything to get rid of them and they keep coming back. I will try this and see if it works!

    • 23

      Mary Beth says

      I am so glad (in a really strange way!) to see that I’m not the only one having an issue with fruit flies. I kept cleaning everything, throwing away any fruit that looked even remotely old thinking it was just me!

      I hope you get rid of your fruit flies with this trick. If not, there are some other good ones here in the comments section.

      Have a great weekend! mary beth

  6. 24

    nargaret says

    I used this trick the other day and it worked also 2 pieces of cut up banana ripe as possible.. cover the container with saran wray and poke a few holes in it with a tooth pick. they can get it but for some reason cant get out woke up the next day a a slew of them in there… it works…

    • 25

      Mary Beth says

      Thanks for sharing this great tip ~ I’m going to have to make a list and try alternatives ~ sort of like a science experiment.

      Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by and sharing. hugs, mb

  7. 26

    Lori Plummer says

    Not 2 minutes ago, I was complaining to my husband about the fruitflies that had amasses in my kitchen. Even after the fruit was gone, they are still here! Then I was scrolling down my facebook page and there was this post!! I said to my husband, “How did they know????”

    • 27

      Mary Beth says

      Don’t you love when that happens! Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you will get rid of all your fruit flies soon ~ hugs, mb

    • 29

      Mary Beth says

      I’ll bet it would! I just wish I could find something to work on stink bugs…they are everywhere this year…..UGH!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

      Have a great weekend! hugs, mb

  8. 30

    unclebryan says

    I have used a similar mix in a mason jar with good results. You take the vinegar and throw some grapes in there with it (use the bad grapes from your bunches) and then cover the top with some plastic wrap. Poke it down into the jar with your finger and screw the rim onto the jar. Poke a hole in the bottom of the cone formed in the plastic wrap and it’s like a fruit fly trap. They check in — but they don’t check out! No — that’s a roach motel. Same deal though. I have also had great luck with just plain old flypaper. Real good luck. So good luck!

    • 31

      Mary Beth says

      What a great tip, Uncle Bryan! Thank you so much for sharing it and for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment ~ I appreciate it very much.

      Have a wonderful weekend. Fondly, Mary Beth

  9. 33


    This post is so timely, I’ve been battling those buggers for the past month! I would put apple cider vinegar in a cup, down in the sink. In the morning, some would be in it, but mostly they would just be hanging out on the edge of the cup. So, I would spray a bug killer right over the cup, and they would fly up…and drop down. I wonder if the dawn would entice more of them to actually come IN the cup. I’m trying this next. I would love to have you stop by ‘Or so she says…’ and share some of your great ideas at the link party, going on right now (every Sat – Tues.). Hope to see you there!
    Mariel´s last blog post ..Gift Ideas: 2 Year Old Boy (Round 2)

    • 35

      Mary Beth says

      I am finally rid of them….so glad as they were driving me bonkers ~ I was swatting at the air constantly!

      Have a great week, Katie, and thanks so much for stopping by ~ hugs, mb

  10. 36


    Thanks so much! Found your post on Pinterest & if I wasn’t already in bed, I’d be mixing it up right now. Sleep well, suckers, it’ll be your last night…EVAH! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Sarah´s last blog post ..Just a Peek: Buttons

    • 37

      Mary Beth says

      Oh my goodness…you made me laugh….I can just imagine those little pests hiding from you tomorrow morning! Have a great night and thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      Mary Beth

  11. 38

    Cakeladee says

    Thanks for the great tip. My husband makes wine in our basement, and we have lots of fruit flies around when he first starts a new batch, eventually they migrate up stairs and invade my kitchen. Going to try this to keep them under control.

  12. 40

    Marg says

    This works wonders…and yes it has to be the Apple Cider Vinegar because of ‘fruit’ base of this vinegar 😀 but the main reason that the dishwashing liquid (any will do) has to be added is because it makes it slippery so they can’t just land on top of the vinegar and then fly off…they have no choice but to drown in the slippery stuff and drop to the bottom :)

  13. 41

    Rebecca says

    What am I doing wrong?! I followed the directions but the fruit flies only sit on the edge of the bowl with the mixture: they don’t go into it. HELP!! :)

    • 42


      Hi Rebecca,

      I’m not sure that you are doing anything wrong ~ maybe your fruit flies are just smarter than mine.

      Maybe try using a container that has a smaller opening at the top {think funnel} or fill the liquid up closer to the brim. I hope that helps. If I come across any other info, I will let you know.

      Have a great week {free of fruit flies, hopefully},
      Mary Beth

  14. 43


    YEP! I discovered this trick/tip last year and it REALLY DOES work! So happy because in the past the only way I could find to get rid of them was to take all the fruit OUT OF THE HOUSE for a few days! I LOVE a chemical free solution!

  15. 45


    Thank you for this solution (literally, ha!) for fruit flies. They’ve arrived on my fruit already this year! I’m headed to the pantry for the cider vinegar right now…
    His blessings,

  16. 49

    Lauren says

    Just made the mixture! While there are TONS on the sides of the container, none are going in? :( How do I make these annoying little suckers take the plunge? lol!

    • 50


      Oh, Lauren {you’re comment made me laugh} but maybe you could try the funnel approach ~ put the liquid in a container with a smaller opening ~ perhaps like an empty water bottle, and see if that does the trick. I think some fruit flies are smarter than others. Mine were obviously in the non-smart bunch. Let me know if that works.

  17. 51

    Phyllis says

    I use a similar, but cheaper method. I take a plastic container, like the one you use. I put in a squirt of dishwashing detergent, and then fill it up almost to the top with water. Then I add just a splash of cider vinegar to attract them. Trust me, it doesn’t take much vinegar to attract them. I have watched them land on the soap bubbles and never move again.

  18. 53

    Reaven Johnson says

    I am currently trying this but the fruitflies wont go in the mixture! They just stay on the lip

  19. 55

    Paula says

    I have always used red wine vinager in a small water bottle the little 8oz ones. But always have cider vinager on hand too so this is good to know, I haven’t added dish soap and wonder what the dish soap contributes to attracting them? And now that the fruit flies are starting to reappear I will be trying this version too!

  20. 58

    Jo Moseley says

    Fruit flies lay their eggs in kitchen drains and those suckers hatch overnight! I also use the dawn & AC vinegar. I also pour baking soda down the drain and then pour white vinegar immediately after the baking soda. Put the sink plug in and leave it plugged over night. The next morning let the HOT water run to clear the drain. Do the other side of the sink…if you have a double sink, the next night. Also do the bathroom sink and bathtub, as well.