Martha Stewart Glass Paints by Plaid ~ Preview

I love♥ Martha Stewart…..Plaid products and shopping at Michaels….combine those three and you have me giddy and jumping for joy!!!!  A few weeks ago I was informed that I would be receiving some Martha Stewart Craft Glass Paints from Plaid  and a few days ago the box arrived.  I am so excited that I want to share the contents with you.  I’ll be creating something with glass and the ‘reveal’ will be on September 10th.  I can’t wait!  Until then, here is a video of the products I received.

{This is my first video for the blog….I never record anything so this is a bit shaky but hopefully I’ll get better with time.}

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    Julia Stansel says

    That’s great! Samantha wanted me to tell you she thought your presentation was very well delivered, you have a wonderful voice it is very easy on the ears. I have never used glass paint that didn’t have to be fired on in a kiln. I have fired many many pieces of glass that have been painted on. I LOVE working with the 24 kt fire on gold! I usually don’t do anything during the summer as the kiln heats up the garage so much! So am so excited about these glass paints. I will definitely be on the lookout for them at Michaels in the coming weeks! Imaginging be able to do a project that doesn’t require firing is making me feel giddy! I sure hope they have gingerbread colors!

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    Fun, fun, fun! I am going to crack into mine tomorrow :) Can’t wait to see what everyone makes!! So cool we get to play around with these fantastic products! Love the video, your voice is so pretty.

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    ANewBride says

    Just a warning guys, I bought this paint to paint wine glasses as wedding favors for my guests. Even after following all instructions to a T (prepping and drying glasses) it was not even an hour into the reception that all of the paint was sliding off the glasses with condensation from a warm day (in January) and wine. I may as well have used dried ketchup to decorate the glasses, it would have stayed longer. Terrible product for a high price.