5 Minute Refrigerator Pickles and Why Shopping Alone is Better {sometimes}

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I like pickles, especially dill pickle spears….just something about those green bumpy babies speaks to me….they usually call my name early in the morning or late at night.  I like to pull them out of the jar and then bite into them {hoping nobody sees me just in case there’s juice running down the side of my mouth because with all boys that’s a reason to laugh….and point…..for hours}.

My middle son is a pickle lover also…..at any given time we will have 4 or more jars of pickles in the refrigerator ~ some people like wine….we like pickles.

While middle son was away at camp Holly from 504 Main did a post about Homemade Refrigerator Pickles.  *lightbulb* I could make these for middle son to have as a treat when he came home from camp ~ something different than the usual sweets I make at the drop of a hat.

Holly’s recipe goes into great detail so her step-by-step is definitely better than mine because I deviated from her wonderful recipe……

I had my list of ingredients and headed to a local farm that has a little general store of sorts that has the coolest items including foods grown at local farms including meats without steroids and organically fed which is so much tastier than super marker meats just in case you were curious.  : )

The mistake I made was bringing my husband and two other sons with me.

Me:  Oh….I think I need some canning jars….aren’t these cute….and big?

Husband:  Do you REALLY need a whole box of canning jars?  I thought you were just going to make A jar of pickles.  You save jars and have a whole box full in the garage….can’t you use those?

Me:  Um….well, I guess I don’t need the canning jars.  I’ll just use the jars from the garage. *shrug*  Oh….fresh dill for only $2.00 a bunch…this is perfect….kinda big….but perfect! {places giant bunch of 3 foot long fresh dill with roots into cart}

Me:  Oh….look at these…..pickling cucumbers….don’t they look fresh and they’re 50 cents each or 3 for $1.00.   {putting 6 in basket and turning corner} …..Oh….LOOK!!!! Here’s a whole basket filled with pickling cucumbers for only $4.00!!!!

Husband:  Do you really need a whole basket….there are probably over 20 cucumbers in there….why don’t you just stick with the 6 in your basket and if it turns out good you can always come back and buy more.

Me:  Okay, you’re right……hey, here’s the salt that Holly mentioned in her post…..

Husband:  Do you really need an industrial sized bag of salt for just 6 pickles?

Me:  Well, what do you expect me to use?  I don’t see a smaller container of salt here…do you?

Husband:  No…probably because most of the people that buy their supplies here are real canners……people who make more than one jar of pickles.  Hon, did you see this?  {husband points to small packet of spices to be used for making refrigerator pickles and costs only $3.50}

Me:  No….I didn’t see that….fine…..I’ll just get this little packet and 6 pickling cucumbers….. {said a bit snarky because, well, I really wanted the industrial sized salt, the 3 foot long bundle of fresh dill, the cute little wooden box of way too many cucumbers and a set of canning jars that would end up on a shelf in my garage….some people just take the fun out of everything!}

Can I get THIS onion?

Husband:  Of course you can get an onion….why would you even ask????

So…..that was the long of it and now for the short of it:

You can use Holly’s recipe which is much more true to homemade pickles {and I’m sure hers taste absolutely fabulous} or you can make them the way I did…..buy some cucumbers and a premixed package of pickle spices and follow the directions on the label.

Whichever option you choose, homemade refrigerator pickles really are so fresh, tasty and pretty easy to make.


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    • 4

      mb says

      I have never canned but have always wanted to….maybe some day! Thanks for the support and your wonderful comment.

      Have a great week! hugs, mb

  1. 5

    Julia Stansel says

    Wonderful! And here you said you don’t can. That’s a great start. I am going to send you a recipe for some crockpot applebutter. I made it once, everyone liked it but it wasn’t the way my grandmother taught me to do it so the last batch was done the old fashioned way. I usually don’t make pickles as my grandmother never taught me how and I don’t know anyone to ask about them, but I can’t wait to make some of these for the kids. I buy the gallon jugs of pickles and my kids can eat a gallon in a day or two. They will probably live forever as their insides are already pickled from eating so much! And so happy the post is working again!

    • 6

      mb says

      Yippeee!!! you can comment again,Julia ~ I missed your wonderful comments. I got your apple butter recipe and I can’t wait to try it. Let me know how the pickles turn out ~ the boys are eating them right now with hot dogs. I don’t think there will be any left as of tonight so I better make some more.

    • 8

      mb says

      Oh, Aunt Bee ~ you know I love you ~ smooches!!!! I will email you the details of the location. ; P

  2. 12

    Momtosweeties says

    Rofl! I think we are married to twins! I loved reading your description. I now can add pickles to the list of things I am going to make.. they look pretty yummy and we are a pickle family as well. Used to buy the best HUGE bulk pickles at a local grocery store.. and then they stopped carrying them *sigh* Thank you for the inspiration.