DIY Soap Scum Blaster ~ Homemaking 101 Week #3

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Soap Scum Remover at Cupcakes and Crinoline

I saw this ‘recipe’ on pinterest several times. I used to be a sucker for buying new products that promised me cleaner and shinier and an easier way to of doing things but the cost and the chemicals have caused me to look for alternatives and this is definitely a great one!  Easy and cheap…and IT WORKS!!! All of the pins I saw said to use Dawn blue dishwashing liquidDawn only..but I had the Aldi brand of blue dishwashing liquid so that’s what I used and it worked very well.  I can’t imagine how the Dawn could have worked better because my results were wonderful.  The only heads up I would like to pass along is the aroma….it is quite vinegary but the smell dissipated quickly and with the use of my bathroom fan it wasn’t too bad.


4 ounces of hot vinegar {heat vinegar separately in the microwave for approximately 90 seconds}

4 ounces of blue liquid dish washing detergent ~ Dawn if you’re a stickler for details or the Aldi Blue Brand ~ Reeva

Once the vinegar is heated carefully pour it in to a spray bottle.  Add the dish washing liquid, cap and shake thoroughly.  Now, spray the surface you wish to clean and let the gel sit for 2 hours.  Once the 2 hours has lapsed, scrub or wipe off the cleaning solution and rinse thoroughly.  Next, stand back and enjoy the glow! 


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  1. 1


    That looks fabulously clean. I’ve seen another tip that uses dampened dryer sheets to wipe off soap scum, and that works pretty well too. I’ll have to give this a go and see which I like best. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Jelli´s last blog post ..Infant Travel Essentials

    • 2

      mb says

      Thanks for stopping by, Jelli! I will have to try the dryer sheet tip…p.s. I love your name. : )

  2. 3

    Julia Stansel says

    Thought I would share a cheap easy trick for cleaning the toilet with you since you got the sink and tub covered there. Pour some baking soda in the toilet, a little or alot depending on how bad it needs cleaned. Then pour vinegar into the toilet. It creates a chemical reaction you should remember from elementary school science. As the carbon dioxide is being created it actually cleans the toilet. When it stops fizzing just running the toilet brush around, and everything should come completely clean. If not, add a little more vinegar. Then toilet brush again and flush. So easy!

  3. 6


    I have got to try this! I was thinking the other day after i cleaned that shower doors that thye didn’t look any better! I have the same Shaklee bottle. Love their products too but have ran out!

    • 7

      mb says

      Those bottles are awesome…they seem to last so much longer than other spray bottles I’ve bought. Thanks for stopping by. : )

  4. 8

    Debra Kapellakis says

    I don’t have Dawn here. I will use the dish washing liquid I have and hope it will also will work.

    • 9

      mb says

      I’m wondering if it is just the ‘blue’ that makes the difference….let me know if it works for you. : )

    • 11

      Mary Beth says

      You’re welcome, Anne ~ thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and comment! Have a wonderful day. mb

  5. 12

    Sue says

    Will this work on the mineral deposits on glass shower doors? If not, what will? I’m afraid I might have to replace the entire glass in my shower because it looks so bad.

    • 13

      Mary Beth says


      I’m not sure if it will work or not but the vinegar and the dish soap won’t hurt the glass so I would give it a try. If it does work, once the shower doors are clean, I would coat them with a layer of car wax. I used to do that all the time and it kept mine nice and shiny for months.

      I would appreciate it if you could let me know if that works ~ fingers crossed and hoping it does!

      Thank you so much for stopping by.

      Mary Beth

  6. 14

    Kris says

    Years ago, way before we had city water, our shower would get “orange” from the hard water…so hard to clean and we were going to have company…and I was going to let them use our bedroom and bath…well someone said..”clean it with Snowbowl” (toilet bowl cleaner) well yeah worked great but so strong, from then on Ive had the worst time cleaning my shower and shower floor, think the Snowbowl took the finish off…I will try this….its so embarrassing and I dont have money to rip out and retile…..thanks!

    • 16

      Mary Beth says

      Hi Patricia ~ It did cool down as I used it so I’m not sure if perhaps the reason to heat it is that it changes something chemically with the vinegar. I don’t know enough about chemistry to figure that out. It may be that it needs to be warmed so that the dishwashing liquid mixes better with the vinegar. I would say to try a smaller amount at room temperature and see what kind of results you get if you don’t want to warm up the vinegar.

      Thanks so much for stopping by! mb

  7. 17

    Anne says

    regarding Dawn detergent…I know Dawn has safe degreasers that other many dish detergents do not have. (We use it to clean wildlife after oil spills).
    Don’t know if it makes a difference cleaning the shower, but maybe if you had to clean a really cruddy one?…

    • 18

      Mary Beth says

      Hi Anne,

      I had another comment over at Hometalk regarding using an organic dishwashing liquid and the commenter said she had a good result so I think most soaps will work well.

      Have a wonderful weekend! mary beth

    • 19

      Mary says

      Dawn kills fleas and ticks on your pooch as well, Just remember to use a conditioner after…you know those little bottles you get in motel rooms?

  8. 20

    THALIA says

    This stuff is a miracle!!!! I love it! the best part is that it doesn’t give asthma or allergies!!! I can’t thank you enough!!