Front Yard Makeover ~ Before and After

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Front View After

Front View Before

I’m in a bit of a before and after mood.  My flowerbeds were always a priority for me when spring came….until 2 years ago…then because of life events they went way down on my list.  This year in an attempt to regain control of the huge overgrown weed infested mess that was my front yard I started weeding, digging up, cutting back and tearing down {and I had poison ivy over probably 20 percent of my body and I am still dealing with the scars…UGH!!!!!}.  I have the flowerbeds and the front of the house almost to a point of being happy but I still need to get a new retaining wall along the driveway and tear out and redo my front porch…but for now…well, it is definitely an improvement over what it was.

Path Under Arbor After

Path Under Arbor Before

Arbor Path Before

I had a sand-based path of stones under the arbor that was looking downright ratty.  I pulled up the stones, pulled any weeds, raked the sand and then put a bed of black mulch on top of the sand before re-placing the stones.  {Birds got to the stones before I could get a picture…gotta love them!}


Along Driveway After

Along the driveway before

I had old railroad ties along the driveway holding back the dirt…those rotted so I pulled them out and need to replace them.  I am hoping to have the fund$ together by the end of summer to put in garden wall block from Home Depot.  That should tidy this up more.   I also put in garden lights.  I had brass ones before that I LOVED but my rescue dog decided to dig them all out and make a mess of them….so I had a box of lights that I intended to put around my swimming pool but when that collapsed during the blizzard…well, I had a box of lights available to replace my previous ones.


Front Right Corner Before

Front Right Corner After

The cement post with the spigot was salvaged from a fountain I had years ago.  When I go for walks and find rocks that I can fit in my pockets I bring them home and use them to edge the flowerbeds.  I have big pockets!  ; )

Thanks for stopping by and looking!

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  1. 1


    Wow! You have a beautiful front yard! Our own yard is in a terrible mess. I can’t wait until we can get it back to its usual pleasant, though somewhat wild, state. Your pictures are inspiring! :)
    Melody Kittles´s last blog post ..When Inspiration Hits

  2. 4

    Stephan says

    Hey MB, your friend Stephan from Arkansas. I LOVE it and am so glad to see that you are spending time doing something you love. Everything is absolutely beautiful!! Love ya and hugs!

    • 5

      mb says

      Hello, Stephan! I’ll bet your garden is beautiful…I would love to see pics..hint hint! love, mb

    • 9

      mb says

      Thank you so much for the invite, Jocie ~ Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful organization!

  3. 10

    highland monkeys says

    You’ve done an amazing job there. ANy chance you could pop over and do mine now!

  4. 17


    WOW! Just gorgeous! I’m doing mine as well. Ours were over grown with mint and chickweed from when my dad brought manure to fill the beds up. It was a night mare! It’s slowly coming back to life though.
    Tiff@MakeLifeCreative´s last blog post ..DIY Hemming Jeans