Repurposed Hay Racks ~ Towel Holder

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I have been in the process for over a year now of updating my bathroom on a less than a shoe string budget.  Someday, I would love to show you ALL the pictures.  My problem is…I sometimes FORGET to take the before pictures.  I get started doing something on a whim and then remember that I have a blog {it’s only been 3 1/2 years OIIIIII!!!!} and then think how awesome it would be if I had before pictures.  I don’t often walk around my house taking pictures just in case but maybe I should…hmmmmm {imagine a light bulb above my head right now….not one of those long life curly pigtail kind but the old fashioned Thomas Edison type}…but I digress.  Slapping myself to get back on point……I had a cabinet in the bathroom that was full of towels and clutter and had one single towel holder next to it and I do have pictures this time….high five to self!

…the bathroom is small….it’s the only full bath in our house….a house with me and 4 guys…so a tight space, one towel holder….oi and ugh.  I took the cabinet out of the bathroom, took the towel holder down and then realized {I’m quick like that} that I needed something to hold all the towels that used to be in the cabinet.  A few years ago I had a pool that I LOVED

….but a blizzard came and sucked the life out of it therefore killing my summer oasis…sob…sigh….  Well, I had hay racks filled with flowers all around the pool deck.  When I had the pool taken down and hauled away I kept the hay racks just in case.  I scrubbed two of them up, measured the bathroom wall and lo and behold…they fit perfectly.  New towel holders for $0.00.

repurposing recycling hugs, mb 

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p.s. I have a lot more towels than the ones shown up above but these are the only ones that aren’t basically strings and actually still have some fabric left to them.  

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    Juia Stansel says

    This is a great idea, which you are always full of! About your towels that are strings, we had a bunch of towels that had plenty of life left in them, but they were unraveling around the edges and every time we washed them, lots of strings that tangled up! UUGH! One day I pulled out my serger and I used to to go around all the towels that were that way. You know how it cuts and sews at the same time. Made the towels look new again and put an end to all those strings in the laundry. I figure I can get another year or two of usage out of them now. I’m so cheap! You mentioned you had a serger in your t-shirt pillow case post. Teach those boys how to be thrifty and let them serge the edges.

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      mb says

      Thanks, Julia! I did that a few years ago and made washcloths out of my big worn out towels. I will have to do what you recommended for my stringy towels. : ) I’m thrifty, too!!! Have a great day. mb : )

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    I love this!! So creative.

    Hi! I’m your newest follower and co-host of this month’s blog hop. Thanks so much for joining in on the fun :) I’m looking forward to getting you know you better!