Thanksgiving ~ The Day After

Yesterday my family and I had a wonderful time at my sister’s for Thanksgiving.  The food was really, really good {my sister is an awesome cook} and the company was even better.  I got to spend time with my niece and nephew and their spouses {who I love!} and my niece’s little ones.  My great-nephew is the same age as my youngest son so they always have a great time playing together and my great-niece is 2, super tiny, sweet…and a girl!  I am always around boys so when I get to spend time with a girl, especially a little one, I am in heaven!  I even got to paint her little toenails with Divine Swine Opi nail polish {Miss Piggy’s favorite color}….oh…the joy!  Now, you may wander what the point to this story is….well, we had fun and we even got to leave with leftovers…which is where the story takes a turn.  I had my oldest son carrying leftover pies, my husband and middle son carrying bags with leftovers, I was carrying my empty casserole dishes and serving dishes and we went out to the car.  I put the bags in the hatch and proceeded to get into the car talking with my husband and kids about what fun we had, how much we had to be thankful for, etc., when I realized, YEP, I forgot my youngest son in the house.  I just gathered up the food, dishes and my two older sons and headed to my car.  GOOD GRIEF!  Middle guy offered to run back to the house and get little guy {he is a MUCH faster runner than me!}…..little guy was standing by the door, just about ready to cry….HE KNEW he had been forgotten…..oi!  I so hope this doesn’t become the Thanksgiving story that he never forgets…..

M on Rocker 2011

{This was in front of a local restaurant over the summer….I remembered to bring him home that time!}

Have a wonderful day after Thanksgiving!  I am making a shepherd’s pie with the leftovers today and will be posting the details and pictures tomorrow.

blessings and hugs, mb

Shepherd’s Pie
Happy Thanksgiving