Vintage Stamp Holder

Cast Iron Stamp Holder

I haven’t been to the Thrift Store in ages and had a whole 10 minutes to waste yesterday while waiting to pick one of the kids up…..I went into the store….did a quick ‘glance about’ and spied this awesome piece.  I was sure it would be overpriced {am I the only one who has noticed that recently the prices at the Thrift Store are way too high??!??}…anyway, it was only $2.99.

When I got to the register the woman in line in front of me said she was tempted to buy this but didn’t know what it was and the cashier said that is why it was only $2.99….no one knew what to even look up on the internet for a pricing idea.

From spending time at antique stores so I knew what it was {yeah!}.  This is the nicest one I have ever seen and it is still fully functional rotating seamlessly.  I am not sure what I will use it for but it will either end up on my desk or in my craft room.

I love the details.

vintage hugs, mb

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after I posted this I thought maybe I could use it as a craft scissor holder…what do you think?


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  1. Jennifer Schmidt says:

    Hi Marybeth! It’s been such a long while, so nice to visit again. Hope you are doing well and I hope to be able to visit more often! I love this vintage find and it totally works as a scissor holder :)
    Jennifer Schmidt´s last blog post ..First Day

  2. I agree! It works very well as a scissor holder! :) And it’s gorgeous, too. Our thrift stores never have anything too fancy. If they do, the owners of the store get first dibs and none of the rest of us ever see any of it. *shrugs* That’s what it’s like living in the back of beyond, I guess. :) And I agree, too, that the thrift stores are starting to charge too much but I guess they kind of have to with all the prices going up on everything. So glad you were able to find this fabulous stamp holder for such a great price!
    Melody Kittles´s last blog post ..Hope I Win This!

  3. i think it’s very cool! actually it looks like something you’d see in the pb catalog! i love a good thrifty find
    malia´s last blog post ..Giveaway: Peas and Thank You Cookbook

  4. Oh my gosh…that’s awesome! Recently we went into a new Goodwill that was gigantic thinking we might find something, but they had lots of new stuff {junk} and their prices were super high. I guess they have to pay for the building. :)

    Great find!!!

    Your profile photo is beautiful! :)

    Kim @ EverythingEtsy´s last blog post ..Blogging Leads to Online Greatness {B.L.O.G.} – New 10 Post Series

    • I don’t go to our Thrift Store very often any more because of the prices….I agree…super high!

      Thanks for leaving a comment and for being so sweet : )

  5. Julia Stansel says:

    I think this would make an awesome utensil holder to place on the counter near your stove. Would work well for those larger spoons and such! That was a great find! I love that you knew what it was and nobody else did! That’s how we got started making military dog tags. My husband knew what the machine was from using it in the Air Force the antique shop he found it in had no idea what it was or the value. They sold him the $3000 machine for $25 and him telling them what it was and what it was used for. Glad your youngest told my youngest about your blog, have been enjoying reading it!