Linky Parties, Manners, Encouragement & Appreciation

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Life with manners is good and so is blogging with manners.

Encouragement makes me smile…and encouraging others makes me smile even bigger.

Genuine appreciation goes a long way.

Comments are awesome {well, most of them are}.

When I started my blog almost 3 years ago I had hoped to be further ahead…you know…more subscribers, more daily ‘hits’ and making more of an impact…in a good way.  I still have so many ideas, so much to share…so much, so much, so much…but sometimes life hits you across the head with a board, you are knocked down but not out….you stumble to stand up and get hit by a bus, roll into a ravine, strike your knee on a rock, land in a creek {not deep enough to drown but you do get muddy} and by the time you get out of the water, crawl back up the hill and make it to the highway to flag down someone for help almost 2 years has gone by….soooo…I’m trying to get back into day to day life nursing my wounds and recuperating and trying to have a go again at blogging BIG which leads me to the manners, encouragement and comments remarks at the top {sometimes I go in a big ‘ole circle just to make one point!}…I have started to link up again regularly to ‘linky parties’ and was thinking about how awesome the gals are that take the time to host those shindigs….it has to be some extra effort on their part and I just want them to know how much I appreciate it.  I try to always leave a comment {unless I have a deadline to meet for work and can’t get to it}, I try to visit several of the other party linkers and leave them comments to encourage them….most bloggers work really hard at sharing of themselves through their posts and a pat on the back is warranted.  I would love someday to host my own weekly linky party but I get this hole in the pit of my stomach worrying that no one will link up….tumble weeds will blow through the post and I’ll need to be sedated with hefty amounts of chocolate to make it through the disappointment.

Here are a few of the linky partys I have linked to lately and I just want to give them a shout of thanks!
Tempt my Tummy Tuesdays

Blessed with Grace

Lisa is the inspirational woman who is “Blessed with Grace”. Hers was the very first linky party I ever took part in, Tempt my Tummy Tuesday. I had no idea how to add my link. I sent her an email and she answered and explained everything with such sweetness, such patience and such Grace that I think of her almost every time I “link up” anywhere on the web. If she hadn’t been so nice I might have given up the whole idea.

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Funky Junk Interiors

Donna is the creative force at Funky Junk Interiors…I cheer her on with each post admiring her creativity, her tenacity and smiling at every post that she shares her family life in…she has a great son (and he has an awesome mom)…being the mom of three boys, having been a single mom for a time…working to keep life going…I understand a lot of what she went through…common bonds if even from a distance with someone who doesn’t even know you exist makes you feel a little better somehow.

Cindy at Skip to my Lou ~ always a great site for creative ideas.

Jennifer at Tatertots and Jello ~ so much fun on a blog!

Stacy at Not Just a Housewife ~ I just found Stacy and her blog and I am already hooked ~ she seems so darn likeable and she has all boys, too!

Let me know your thoughts….I love comments {friendly ones} and encouragement along the journey.

hugs, mb

{don’t worry about the mud…it’s dry now and I doubt it will leave a mark on you…come on…gimme a hug!!!}

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