Easter Crafts ~ Fun with Marshmallow Bunnies {and Peeps}

Bunny Bunting ~ Dana Made It

Bunny on a Doorknob! ~ Dana Made It

Marshmallow Bunnies & Peeps ~ Not only are they absolutely adorable but they are definitely inspiration for some fun Easter decorating {and some giggles}!  Enjoy the links above and below.

Easter Peep Centerpiece ~ The Autocrat

Peep Wreath ~ Tried & True

Bunnies on a Straw {how cute would this be for the kids??? and me!} ~ The Autocrat

Bunny Box

Bunny Bracelet

and just for some laughs

Project Peepway

marshmallow bunny hugs, mb {sorry if I got you sticky!}

A Woman Who Helped Me
Lemon Cake