Photoshop Fun with Layers

I have photoshop….I use it to ‘crop’ and resize…….yawn….yep…that’s about it.  I had to have it…had to have it…mini tantrum…had to have it….and…um….. I have no clue how to use it…I know, I know…there are tutorials…there are blogs devoted to this stuff….but if it doesn’t jump out and bite me…well, read my lemon post and you may better understand where I’m going with this….

but…..that being said….I have been a stalker of Cottage Arts for a  few years.  About a month ago they were having a sale so I thought what the heck and I took the plunge…I bought  Nature Sketch Photo Art Blends 3, Naturals 11 Papers and Scrap Words Say It Again 2.  I then  followed the easy to understand tutorial on the Cottage Arts Site.   The above and below pics are my befores and afters….I had so much fun playing with the layers and I can’t wait to do more.

Below is the picture I started with ~ I usually don’t take pictures of chenille peeps in my candelabra but my little guy was decorating and I thought it  was cute!{it’s way too dark but the layers and some other tips brightened it up…I would have probably deleted this picture but I am so glad I didn’t!}

Winter Sky with Layers and Papers

Winter Sky with Layers, Papers and Scrap Words

Beautiful winter sky!

hugs, mb

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    You may have directed me to exactly what I need! We have photoshop and i keep meaning to go to proper tutorials and really learn, but…. so far, it’s never quite happened.
    If it does what I see in the photos in this post though, I’d say it’s definitely worth the effort… x
    Homeschool on the Croft´s last blog post ..The Fishing Port of Cullen

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    Rochelle says

    You should be very proud of yourself! Here is a really good site that you can find textures and backgrounds on
    Be careful, someone might try to recruit you to the sign industry!
    XOXO – R