Cupcake Art and Other Hand Painted Beauty

Hand painted furniture is one of my favorite forms of art.  The beauty of a hand painted piece is {for me} in its uniqueness.  Just about everything is manufactured and mass produced these days and while that can be good and certainly save money and leave little room for error, there is nothing like something created and produced by an artist ~ In this case, Nicki Piercy Coddington of Bespoke Hand Painting.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Bespoke Hand Painting and was asked if I would like to feature any of Nicki’s pieces on my site.  I was sent a link for the site and when I checked out the pieces, I was ecstatic.  Nicki Coddington’s items are absolutely beautiful!!!! I responded that I would love to do a feature and I chose ‘anything with cupcakes’ as a piece I would like to receive.  A bit after that a LOVELY Tea Time mirror arrived on my doorstep.  The mirror is absolutely gorgeous.  The brush strokes, the colors, the quality of this piece…..well, I was overjoyed to receive it.

In looking at Ms. Coddington’s boutique I found many pieces that I would like to someday add to my home…lovely toy chests, rocking chairs, desk sets, hangers, blanket boxes…oh my! Each piece lovely in its own right – pieces of individual art excellence!

Nicki’s items are truly a work of art and as with all art of this caliber, the piece I received will be something I pass on for a future generation to appreciate {just as I have a few hand crafted furniture items in my home from my family past}.

hugs, mb

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