Antique Store ~ Vintage Finds

I was at the antique store the other day…one of my favorite ones…. when I came across the treasures above and below.  The picture doesn’t do the vase justice… the colors are mellow yet deep and vibrant and the bottom of the vase has these markings…not sure what they represent but hope to some day figure out this beauty’s history.

I want to start adding to my collection of vintage kitchen items and this egg beater is a great start!

Last but not least… a New Old Clock or may be it is an Old New Clock…in any case, it is not an antique….but a new clock with an antique look.  It was, in my opinion, a bargain at only $15.00.

vintage hugs, mb

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    Susan Baker says

    Very cute finds. I must tell you that I have that EXACT clock hanging on my living room wall. I bought it at Walmart 2 years ago for about $21. I know you said it was not vintage. Just thought I’d share so you’d know about how much of a bargain you got for future reference :) Enjoy your great finds.

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      mb says

      Thank you for the background info on the clock-I really liked it and now I know it’s history.