5 Minute Christmas Valance


Handkerchief Valance

I tend to decorate everything that doesn’t move for Christmas including changing up my window treatments. In years past I had elaborate swags, valances and drapes but for the past few years have made simple updates that can be put in place quickly and for little or no cost just using what I have on hand. The kitchen valance is plain to say the least but adds a festive touch to my little nook of the world.


You will need:

Fabric {I used a gingham check cut into strips 4 times the width of my window and 1 1/2 inches wide-cut with pinking shears} ~ you can also use twine, string or ribbon

3 Cookie Cutters with handles in the center

2 Vintage Christmas Handkerchiefs or fabric squares hemmed or cut using pinking shears



Cut the fabric strip in half, tie a loop on one end of each length. This will be used to attach to the wall or window. I looped mine over an existing valance holder but you could use a nail, cup hook, etc. Place a cookie cutter next to the looped end, bring the fabric strip to the center adjusting for your desired ‘swag’ length, add the third cookie cutter to the center. Tie knots at the bottom of each strip. Add a handkerchief/fabric square to each side of the ‘swag’. Voila! You’re done in under 5 minutes and for just about free {or close to it!}.

Happy hugs, mb

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