Farm Fresh Vegatables

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The other day we went to a local farm to get our carving pumpkins. While there we stopped in their market and oh my goodness, it was a feast for the eyes. There were so many fresh vegetables-the end of the season fare- and we indulged. The prices were great. All of the above vegetables were $13.00. I am going to make spaghetti squash for the little guys-when I was younger and my mom made this I always loved it. The giant head of cabbage {only $1.50} will be used today in a huge ham, cabbage and potato meal and the tomatoes and green peppers have been used on sandwiches, in salads and in omelets every day since our purchase. I love cauliflower so that will be eaten fresh or maybe steamed if I feel like sharing with the family. This trip was a good reminder to support local farmers and also reap the health and taste benefits of fresh vegetables.

fresh veggie hugs, mb

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