Peonies, Roses, etc.-What’s Blooming This Week

 Some of what’s blooming in the garden this week.












Shrubs and “What Not”






hugs, mb

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Icebox Banana Cake with Chocolate Cream


  1. Oh, so beautiful!

    Gayle´s last blog post..I Heart Timmy’s Face!

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for brightening up my day with that pretty post!


  3. Wow! These are gorgeous! I’m so jealous you have all those peonies. It’s too hot in Texas for them. They are my fav!! What is that 2nd to last photo with the purple flowers on the shrub?

    Amy Locurto´s last blog post..Time Saver Tools for Blogging & Social Media

  4. Hi Mary Beth :)
    Isn’t it glorious to walk outside and see what’s blooming?! I just love it. Your pictures are breathtakingly beautiful, wow! You’ve been working hard out there this spring!
    Hope you’re doing well and having a great start to the summer!

    Jennifer Schmidt´s last blog post..What are you waiting for?

  5. Hi Mary Beth – how gorgeous are those?! I have just a few peonies blooming, and my lilacs are starting to fade – but I’m really looking forward to the hydrangeas…summer is great, isn’t it? Hope all is well.

    Alice Golden´s last blog post..Summer reading clipboard

  6. Hi Mary Beth. Oh what beautiful posies! I love roses and peonies, and the colors of those you’ve featured here are simply stunning. Thank you! ~Arleen

    Arleen @ Seasons for All at Home´s last blog post..Decorating in French Country Blue and Yellow

  7. I love peonies :-) I wish I’d transplanted the neighbour’s peony bush into our garden in between the previous owners moving out and the new owners moving in. The new owners had the foundation fixed, and all the plants around the house were dug up and tossed away :-(

    But back to happy flower thoughts :-) All your flowers are beautiful :-) I’m especially drawn to the white and orangish irises — I’ve never seen irises in that colour combo. Very unique and pretty :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

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  8. You have all of these things blooming already?! Wow! I’m so jealous. We don’t have much of anything at the moment. Gorgeous!

    Julia @ Hooked on Houses´s last blog post..Hooked on Fresh Flowers at Home

  9. Absolutely glorious!!

    I love love love peonies– well, except those dang ants that follow them in ;)


  10. gorgeous! I loooove peonies!!

  11. SOOOO beautiful! It is such a toss up to me whether hydrangea or peonies are my favorites. After those photos, I’m tempted to say peonies.
    Lucky you!

  12. I have to say peonies are my favorite — they smell so good and are just gorgous!

  13. My mother planted a lot of roses in my garden. Aren’t they beautiful? Thanks for sharing this!

  14. These are so lovely – even as a lover of red roses I must admit to being totally blown away by that pink one, & I’d forgotten just how beautiful peonies are.

    So glad to have been given a link to this page!