Dryerballs-Do They Really Work? {Nellie’s Do!}

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Years ago {at least 10 or more} I ordered some dryerballs from the Home Shopping Network {I am a recovering HSN/QVC addict}.  The dryerballs I ordered at that time were hard little spheres that I hoped would work to soften my laundry and decrease drying time-ummm, well, after years {I NEVER know when to give up} of chasing those little balls around {they were round, hard and rolled all over my laundry room} I decided that alas, they did not work that well and I saw no visible difference in my laundry…big sigh.

A few weeks ago I was out grocery shopping and saw Nellie’s Dryerballs.  I am a sucker for packaging and was at first attracted to the box….something about it made me take a second look, pick it up, admire the softer, more footbally {I make up words} shaped prickly contents.  There was a clever cartoon on the back reminiscent of the Bazooka Joe cartoons from my childhood.  I read the package that stated using these balls would:

Soften Fabrics Naturally!

Reduce Drying Time!

Reduce Lint and Wrinkles!

Reduce Ironing!

and was Non-Toxic and used No Chemicals!

Well, I was hooked.  I noticed a difference with my first load of laundry-towels.  They definitely took less time to dry and my towels were fluffier!  The drying time of that load alone was approximately 15 minutes or 25% less than normal.  My dryer is an old gal that is hanging in there but her timer broke a few years ago so we set our microwave timer for 15 minute intervals to check on the laundry.  What usually took 60 minutes to dry now took 45.  A definite energy saver-woo hooo!

My next load was T-shirts.  I have all boys and t-shirts are what they wear on a daily basis.  My normal routine is to get the shirts out of the dryer and hang or fold as quickly as possible to minimize the wrinkles.  This time, there were almost NO wrinkles when I removed them from the dryer and they were definitely softer.

I next set about a test to see what the difference was between a hand towel dried using the dryerballs and a towel dried NOT using the dryerballs.  The results were definitely visible.


side-by-side Nellie’s Dryerballs will save money {less energy used} and my results were EVERYTHING the box said they would be.  I am very pleased with this product and definitely want to try their other products in the future.

If you are looking for ways to save money this is a painless and inexpensive way to do it- Nellie’s Dryerballs.


fluffy, less wrinkled hugs, mb!

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