Dining Room Updates-Inexpensive Options

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Spring is in the air!  I actually have my windows open today {only a crack} but the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the breeze is definitely warmer than it has been.  As spring draws near all of my super cleaning powers kick in and I usually go on a cleaning/scrubbing frenzy.  When I am done with this I ultimately think my surroundings look drab and need some updating.  Since I am trying to save money, as are most people, I went on a search for some inexpensive update options for my dining room {gotta start somewhere} and found all of the inspiration and photos below at BHG.com.


Simple, elegant and inexpensive!

I really liked the color palette of this room.  Neutral, demur and inviting.  The table does not match the chairs and while I am not certain, all of the furniture pieces have a vintage look to them and are similar to items I have seen in Thrift Stores and Antique Stores.  The shelves on the wall are shallow but allow for small glass vases {check the dollar store for these} that fit nicely as well as a picture and some small decorative items.  The table is covered with a basic runner and beneath it all is a sisal rug.



Both of the above dining rooms make use of wicker chairs that are comfortably cushioned, a table {again, not part of a set} and a table runner.  The other similarity is a “statement” piece of furniture.  I love the bold look of the large pieces and the sparse, well placed accessories.


This eating area is totally vintage from the table to the chairs to the cushions! The cushion fabric mocks the design of the chair back.  This, for me, is a great tip for pulling together a look when “redoing”.  The striped rug beneath brings the room into unity by incorporating all of the colors and anchoring this design.


As much as I admire rooms that have a clean and simple design, I am always drawn back to designs that have a Victorian Romantic feel.  This room conjures up that mood without being overdone.  A round table can be found quite inexpensively and in this case since it is covered entirely by a large tablecloth its appearance is not even an issue.  A large floral centerpiece, mirror, buffet and a few decorative objects complete the room.  The chandelier is beautiful but in its stead an elegant, inexpensive alternative can be used.

dream big-seize the day! mb

I joined Julia’s Hooked on Houses/Hooked on Fridays Blog Carnival-this week, Julia is hooked on playhouses {I want to move into one of her featured houses…so cute, clean, not much clutter and a fly swatter to keep out my boys – just kidding-maybe!}

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  1. 1


    I know I am so happy that spring is in the air!
    I read the same article. I love their ideas. I have decorated my home in an Italian look. More a simple clean Italian look but comfortable. Does that make sense? lol!
    I could go for any of the above styles. They are all so nice.

    Betty´s last blog post..GIVEAWAY TIPS

  2. 2


    I totally enjoyed looking at the dining room pics for spring. It’s my fondest wish to have a dining room someday! Oh well, at least it made me feel “springy” to look at the pics!

    Thanks so much for coming by and commenting on my blog!

    Jerri´s last blog post..Thankful Thursday – Bloggy Voice

  3. 4


    Spring does make you want to clean and redecorate your home. I was just watching HGTV today and got lots of fresh ideas. Then, I see your post on Betty’s blog and follow the link to your blog and you’re blogging about decorating. I think the universe is trying to tell me something :>). Thanks for the beautiful pics and the inspiration! ~ Lynn

  4. 8


    These are some neat ideas. I really love the vases on the shelf in the first one. And I think I have that same rug in the second one except that it’s actually bamboo not sisal. Same effect though… and so much cheaper than other options 😉

    Michelle´s last blog post..I Am Not An Outdoors Girl

  5. 12


    I want to go home and redo my eating now – right now! :-) Those pictures are great inspirations! My favorite is the blue walls – it feels very “beachy” and fresh to me! Thanks for sharing!! :-)

    Angela´s last blog post..Hooked on: Chihuly

  6. 15


    Spring has definitely arrived here in NOLA – the garden is just beginning to perk up. Glad you are feeling the effects, too!

    P.S. And I am just crazy about that striped rug!

  7. 16


    I LOVE your choices, especially that first one. Those polka dot curtains are to. die. for.
    I’m updating today with “lightened up” decor without spending a dime! Come by and check it out when you get a chance!

    Kimm at Reinvented´s last blog post..Spring Free

  8. 17


    I love your selections! I swear I do have multiple decorating disorder; I want each of these rooms. Maybe I should collect houses…..(smile). I really do like Better Homes & Garden magazine. Very fresh! Come see me again. I’ll be back,

    Susan´s last blog post..Looking for Great Kitchens to Scout!

  9. 19


    Spring HAS sprung….at least people have been popping by our store and picking up spring things…! You picked out some great dining room designs! We always love inspiration!
    Karla & Karrie

    The Summer Kitchen Girls´s last blog post..Topiary Time

  10. 21


    Hi Mary Beth :)
    Spring is not in the air at all back home, but it sure is where I’m visiting in Florida! So glad for that!! These are gorgeous photos…I can’t wait to have the money someday to do my kitchen/dining room over. I want it to be bright and sunny like some of these and I love the rustic look of some of these sets.
    Enjoy the beautiful weather! It’s so nice when your finally able to open the windows again, isn’t it?

  11. 24


    You received an award stop by and check out the details. You don’t have to display it or pass it along if you don’t want to. I just wanted to Thank you for being so supportive and for having such an enjoyable blog. You work so hard on it and it truly shows. :)

    Betty´s last blog post..MY FIRST AWARD

  12. 27


    lovely rooms Mary Beth – hard to choose a favorite – definitely starting to get in the mood for some serious spring cleaning (although it is snowing right now, ugh!). I love the streamlined, clutter free looks too…but with three boys working against me, that doesn’t happen :)

    I’m having a big giveaway this week, if you have a second and want to post it on your giveaways page – that would be great! Happy Spring!

    Alice Golden´s last blog post..Technique Tuesday Week – Monday


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