How-To Blow Out Eggs and Decorate Them

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Eggshell Vase




Easter Egg Vase

I was making a recipe the other day that called for eggs and the wheels in my head started turning {this tends to frighten those who know me!}.  What could I do with some of the eggshells?   I have never blown out an egg before but wanted to use the shell as one piece.  I looked up how to blow out eggs {so that I could use the contents in my recipe} and then decorate the shell {reuse, re-purpose, recycle}.  The process was so much easier than I thought.  I blew out the eggs and dyed the shells in coffee grounds from earlier in the day, printed out some free clip-art {courtesy of  The Vintage Moth} and I was on my way.  After dyeing {see directions below} I allowed the shells to dry, cut out the clip art and used Mod Podge to attach the clip-art to the egg applying several coats allowing each to dry thoroughly in between.  The Mod Podge not only adheres the clip-art to the egg but it strengthens the shell.  Once totally dry the shell can be used as is placed in an egg cup or tiny terra cotta pot.  I want to eventually use the shell as a mini vase for small flowers {pansies, violets, forget me nots, clover, etc.} but considering that the snow just melted here today I didn’t have any such treasures available so placed some small millinery flowers in the vase to get a feel for how this will look.


If you will be using the shell as a vase to which water will be added, be sure the seal the bottom {smaller hole} with glue and/or Mod Podge.  I tested filling the shell with water and found that using a straw gently placed into the larger hole was the easiest way to fill the egg.

How to Blow Out an Egg

Take a large, uncooked {raw} egg and carefully prick a small hole at the larger end of the egg.  I used a safety pin that I sterilized using heat and alcohol as I wanted to use the egg contents.  At the smaller end of the egg carefully poke about a 1/4 inch in diameter hole using a large needle, again sterilizing the needle if you intend to use the egg in a recipe.  I used a straw placed over the smaller hole to blow the egg out the larger hole.  It did take some lung power but it was somewhat fun once I got the hang of it.  Once the shell is empty, rinse the egg out well.  Allow to dry.


Dyeing Your Egg with Coffee Grounds

Carefully place the eggshell at the bottom of a small pot {So that the egg does not float, run water into the egg once more so that it is full}.  Place the used coffee grounds gently on top of the eggshells, cover all with water adding one tablespoon of vinegar to pot.  Simmer for 20 minutes then remove from heat and allow to sit for one hour.  Remove eggs, rinse well and allow to dry on a rack.

I will be hosting an Easter get together and will be applying clip-art Monograms to decorate the shells and using them as place cards.

hugs, mb

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    These are GORGEOUS!! I remember blowing out eggs in junior high…we used to cut an oval in the side and make little mini displays inside…thanks for the inspiration! Love the idea of using it as a vase too…I just bought this cool cupcake stand and I’m thinking it would be cute filled with eggs in mini nests for an Easter decoration.

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