Target Valentine’s Treats

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Valentine's Day Treats from Target

Valentine's Day Treats from Target

Wanna’ go to Target?  When I hear those words uttered I am like a dog hearing someone rattle keys….I run to the car, panting, waiting to hear the doors unlock, jumping in and looking around…..who’s driving {okay…that’s me…get out of the backseat, calm yourself down….slowly and confidently get into the driver’s seat}.  I can go to Target and spoil myself all while spending less than $13.00.  There are few places that I can say that about.

The picture above is of the items I bought feeling as though I had just been given a day at the spa.  I love cupcakes {snort-of course!}, the color pink and Valentine’s day.  I bought an apron {no modern day June Cleaver should be without one}, some spatulas for baking {I could not pass these up…do you see the cupcakes?}, jimmies to decorate Valentine’s baked goods {cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes}, a set of kitchen towels and dishcloths {pink…with….cupcakes embroidered on the front}, a silicone baking sheet {cupcakes on the packaging} and a pink scrub brush.  Ahhhhh….I could just squeal with happiness.  All were purchased from the bins at the front of the store.  They have so many more delightful items for Valentine’s day but I had to stop myself…no need to be a glutton.

I will be baking cupcakes and such over the next few weeks and cannot wait to share them with you.

pink cupcake hugs, mb.

Hooked on Houses is hosting a Hooked on Fridays party so be sure to stop over there for some decorating inspiration and a host of great links to wonderful sites.

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  1. 1

    maya | springtree road says

    here from hooked on houses.

    that is adorable! i love target – especially super target.

    maya | springtree road’s last blog post..Coincidence

  2. 5


    Oh my gosh — I love your cupcake theme! I actually gave “Hello, Cupcake” to my DIL for Christmas and she loves it. I was so tempted to get one for myself, too, but decided against it at the time. Now that I see your very cute Valentine’s Day treats, I may reconsider. What a fun buy, and perfect for the season! ~Arleen

    Arleen’s last blog post..Inspiration ~ Winter Blues and White

  3. 6


    I love target too! I just went there today and had to force myself away from their adorable Valentine’s stuff! I try to wait until that kind of stuff goes on sale, but it’s just so darn cute!

    Jenny’s last blog post..Good News for Resellers!

  4. 8


    What would we do without Target? I was there the other day and was surprised to see they had wiped out all traces of Christmas already and it was looking very Valentine-y. What pretty treats you found! Valentine’s is one of my favorite holidays. How can you not enjoy one where chocolate is involved? :-)

    Thanks so much for joining my blog party!

    Julia @ Hooked on Houses’s last blog post..Hooked on Fridays: Martha Stewart’s Glass Chandelier

  5. 10


    Yummy! You would be so sad to learn that there are some of us (me) that live over one hundred miles away from the nearest Target! I have to visit one when visiting family and friends in other states, which doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should (but which does help my bankbook)!

    Jenna’s last blog post..Indiana

  6. 11


    Girlfriend? You just cracked me UP! Ah Valentines Day… I love all your stuff, now what time are you picking me up for our Target date?

    Hubby and I were just having the Valentines Day discussion a week or so ago. Then he went to the calendar to see what day it falls on. It’s on SATURDAY this year! We already have an early dinner and a movie planned. Can’t wait!

    Blessings to you and your family this year!


    Debbie’s last blog post..Hooked On Fridays

  7. 12


    I found you through Hooked on Houses. I love your depiction of hearing the words “Wanna go to Target?” So funny! The stuff you got is so cool!

    Gayle’s last blog post..Ice Ice Baby!

  8. 15


    What great stuff!! The cupcake spatulas are FABULOUS! You’re so right, pink things, cupcakes, doesn’t get much better. I just can’t wait to see the cupcakes you make- you know I’m a big fan of your sweet recipes :)

    Jennifer’s last blog post..A Quick Hello

  9. 18

    Beth says

    Cute stuff! I came from an area that didn’t have a Target nearby so I never got used to going there. It looks like I really need to change that habit. Thanks for sharing!

    Beth’s last blog post..Winter Candle Party – January 09