Decorate Using What You Already Have-Vintage Linens

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This is the first in a series of articles that I will be doing every Wednesday for the next few weeks, and hopefully longer, relating to decorating using what you already have on hand.  No need to buy….just be creative with what you have.

After putting away all of the Christmas decorations my house felt a little dull.  No oomph.  I missed the lights, the sparkle and the glamor of holiday decorating.  I hated to put everything back to exactly the way it was so I looked around for some ideas on how to change things up using items I already had readily available.

Hatbox-Vintage Linens

  • Hatboxes-I love hatboxes.  I bought the one above along with several others about 18 months ago at Marshall’s.  I usually “hide” things in the hatboxes to keep the family room looking clutter free and make particular use of them when I know company is coming filling them with magazines, bills, toys, anything!  I had the idea that I could also use them for some of my antique linens.  I went to my armoire where I keep some of these ~ most purchased at yard sales and thrift stores.  I took one of the boxes and played around with placing linens in there and liked the way that looked.  Next, on to my gallery table.

Gallery Table with Vintage Linens

  • Gallery Table-A few months ago I posted a story about being given some of my Mother’s and Grandmother’s linens and how happy that made me.  Since removing the Christmas display in the table I had a “Ta Da” moment and placed some of the my Mother’s and Grandmother’s linens in the table.  The room does not get direct sunlight, something to consider when displaying anything that may breakdown from sun exposure, so I felt confident using my treasured linens in this manner.  Next, on to baskets!

Kitchen Basket-Vintage Kitchen Linens

  • Baskets-I placed kitchen linens {old tablecloths, hand towels and napkin sets in this basket}.  The second basket will be placed in my craft room.  Pink is my favorite color so that is the color highlighted in this basket.

Basket for Craft Room-Pink Doiles

  • Endless options-You could also display your favorite linens on bookshelves allowing any lacy borders to spill over the edge and in armoires leaving the doors open to display neat and tidy stacks.  The stacks can be sorted by tones {whites, beiges, etc}, textures-separating laces, fabrics with tatted borders, doilies and such.  The possibilities are endless.  If you have any ideas I would love to hear about them.

vintage, tattered, happy hugs, mb.

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    Gabrielle says

    I love vintage linens, I received all my grandmother and great grand mother’s linens etc. I use the aprons not only to cook with but also for seasonal window treatments. The same with towels and hankies. Love your site!

    Gabrielle’s last blog post..The Business of Writing