Christmas Photography-Object Zoom

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Christmas C

Christmas C

Miniature Lights

Miniature Lights

I know basically nothing about photography.  I bought an awesome camera, the Canon Digital Rebel XTi, while I still had my previous job.  It was my last splurge.  I had the camera, but never took the time to learn to use it.  I bought if for all of the endless creative possibilities and yet used the auto setting for every single picture.  The other day, I pulled out the Magic Lantern DVD  I bought when I bought the camera and started watching it.  {These are available for most SLR cameras}.  I am about halfway through it and have already learned a lot.  That coupled with the December 2008/January 2009 issue of Digital Scrapbooking brings us today’s photography tip.

In order to get a good closeup of an inanimate object, in this case, Christmas ornaments and miniature lights, set your camera for a high aperture priority setting.  On my camera, this is the Av setting.  I left my speed {ISO} at 1600.  Next, position the object you are photographing in the center of your view screen, hold your shutter button down halfway {this is something everyone but me probably knew, but this is what “locks” in your focus}.  Once the focus is “locked” slightly move your camera a smidge to the right or to the left so that your previous point of focus is slightly off, and push the button totally down completing your shot.

The results that I noticed most:

  • {Picture One-Joy}-I loved the detail of the ribbon, the shadow that was cast on the paper cone, and the clarity of the words.
  • {Christmas C}-I love the shadow cast by the lights on the right side of the ornament and the detail of the silver curly tinsel at the top of the cone.
  • {Miniature Lights} The is not the most exciting picture, but notice the filament–this was not as sharp with an auto setting.

I love the fact that with digital cameras you can play with different settings and not worry about the waste…just delete what you don’t like.  I recommend you keep a little note pad handy to make notes of the settings you liked and associate them by number with the pictures that gave you the best results.  I always think I will remember details such as this without writing things down, but I rarely do.  For many of you out there who are already eons beyond my knowledge and skill, my hat is off to you.  For those of you like me who are just learning, let’s learn together.

?hugs, mb?

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  1. That is so cool! Thanks for the lesson. I, too, have an awesome camera (a Nikon D50) and I only use the auto setting. What a waste! I always envy the awesome pictures like yours, but I never know how to go about achieving them. Now I am going to try this! :-)

    Hey, I had to click over from your comment on my giveaway b/c I thought your title was so interesting! :-)

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